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College Policies and Procedures

I. Administration: College Community
      01.02 College Web Site 
      01.03 Allocation of Office Space
      01.04 Clinical/Internships during Extreme Weather Conditions

II. Curriculum
02.01 Requirement for Liability Insurance
       02.02 Student Liability Insurance Incident Reporting

           Attachment 1
       02.03 Clinical Affiliation Agreements
           Addendum A - Affiliation Agreement Department Directory
           Addendum B - Immunizations and Tests form
           Addendum C - Immunizations and Tests form - Nursing
           Addendum D - Health Certificate
           Attachment 1 - Request to Establish an Affiliation Agreement
           Attachment 2 - Affiliation Agreement

       02.04 Immunization Policy and Procedures
           Addendum A
           Addendum B

           Addendum C
 III. Academic Requirements and Advising

IV. Teaching
        04.01 Grade Appeals
Attachment A
 V. Scholarly Activity and Grants

VI. Honors/Scholarships
        06.01 Faculty Excellence Awards
        06.02 Research Forum
        06.03 Awards Day

VII. Personnel: Employment, Assignment and Compensation
        07.01 Workload

VIII. Personnel: Development, Evaluation and Promotion
        04.02.20 Tenure and Promotion
        08.02 Chair and Director Evaluations
          Appendix A
          Appendix B
        08.03 Merit and Performance Evaluation for Faculty

          Attachment A

IX. Planning and Reporting

X. Fiscal Management

XI. Miscellaneous


University Policies and Procedures (UPPS)

Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures (PPS)