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Courses Counting Towards Degree For Financial Aid Form

Policy on Completing Review of Course Applicability for Financial Aid


Please complete the following form. Do not submit this form until you have registered for the class(es) that need to be reviewed. In order to process your request, ensure that all requested information is included in your submission. Any omitted information will delay your request until we receive the requested information from you.


  • If your courses are approved and you change your schedule, the approval may be deleted by the Financial Aid system. Our office does not receive notification of schedule changes, so it is your responsibility to resubmit this form for courses that need to be re-approved.
  • Curriculum changes (major/minor changes) after the census date (12th class day in fall/spring, 4th class day in summer sessions) may impact courses counting toward the degree. You are responsible for contacting the Financial Aid Office to determine how curriculum changes will affect your aid prior to requesting a major/minor change.

We strive to provide prompt replies to email, phone, and personal inquiries regarding the degree applicability of coursework for financial aid purposes. Inquiries will receive responses in order of their submission and according to the following schedule:


Processing Timeline

Request Received by

Request Processed by

Monday @ Noon

Thursday 5:00 PM

Tuesday @ Noon

Friday 5:00 PM

Wednesday @ Noon

Monday 5:00 PM

Thursday @ Noon

Tuesday 5:00 PM

Friday @ Noon

Wednesday 5:00 PM

Reason for Taking the Course(s)? *

Courses for Other Professional Programs

If you are taking prerequisites for another professional program, either at Texas State or another university, please list the program/university, the course(s) in your schedule that apply to that program, and a link to the webpage showing the course(s) are required for that program. If you do not include the requested link, your request will be delayed until we receive the requested information from you.