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Second Undergraduate Degree Certification Form

Please complete the following form. In order to process your request, ensure that all requested information is included in your submission. Any omitted information will delay your request until we receive the requested information from you.

We strive to provide prompt replies to email, phone, and personal inquiries regarding the completion of your second degree certification for financial aid purposes. Inquiries will receive responses in order of their submission and according to the following schedule:

Request Received by

Request Processed by

Monday @ Noon

Thursday 5:00 PM

Tuesday @ Noon

Friday 5:00 PM

Wednesday @ Noon

Monday 5:00 PM

Thursday @ Noon

Tuesday 5:00 PM

Friday @ Noon

Wednesday 5:00 PM

Upload your Second Undergraduate Degree Certification Form here. Please fill in your name, Texas State ID number, and sign and date in the signature block at the bottom. The remainder of the form will be completed and signed by an advisor and returned to you to submit to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. We will only accept PDF files for the form, due to Financial Aid requirements.