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NSSLHA Officers

Linda Johnson


Faculty Sponsor: Linda Johnson, M.Ed., CCC-SLP

Office: Encino Building, Room 217-B
Phone: 512-245-4356

President: Charlsa Matson

Duties: Organizing and scheduling member and officer meetings, creating agendas for all NSSLHA meetings, supervising at all fundraiser activities, communicating with NSSLHA sponsor Ms. Proff, and overseeing other officer duties.

Vice President: Michael Leland

Assisting the president in all organization functions. Acting as president in the absence of the president. Assisting other officers with their duties. 

Secretary: Meagan Jurica

Duties:Responsible for taking minutes at the meetings, keeping record of who attends the meetings, informing our members of upcoming events and meetings, and keeping record of who participates in our activities. Also works with the President to fulfill any assignments.

Treasurer: Bethany White

Duties: Collecting and depositing all money for NSSLHA and keeping the check book balanced. Also trying to find the most cost efficient way to hold fundraisers and events.


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