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About the Program

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This course spends eight days in London and five in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. London, the capital of England, houses the British government, the royalty and is the home of the British Museum, the British Library, and many other historical and cultural attractions. It is the medical, research and educational center of the country. Students will receive an onsite orientation and walking tour of major landmarks of London, as well as free time to explore the city on their own.  Newcastle-Upon-Tyne is in the far northeast of England in Northumberland. It is an ancient river city with Roman roots that lies near the North Sea. Geordies (as locals are called) have a dialect that is incomprehensible to other English speakers and is considered to be the closest language to 1500-year-old Anglo-Saxon left in England. Students will also visit Newcastle University, founded in 1834, a leading research institution in the UK, with internationally-known programs in Speech and Language Sciences. 

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Courses and What You Will Learn:

The program theme is “Speech-Language-Hearing Services in the United Kingdom: History, Disorders, and Delivery.”  The program will consider the history of both written and spoken language and how culture defines “disorder” and “dialect”. We will explore the origins of writing as we move from Mesopotamia to the Rosetta Stone through Roman writings at the Hadrian’s Wall. We will see Lionel Logue’s practice where he treated King George VI for stuttering (The King’s Speech) and current practicing professionals will help us understand the structure of speech, language and hearing services in the UK as we visit several specialty organizations. International experts will give lectures on current research and grants in the UK. This experience will give students a foundation for becoming culturally competent service providers.


Course Options:

  • CDIS 4301 Advanced Independent Study*
  • CDIS 5350 Multicultural Issues in Communication Disorders
  • CDIS 5390 Seminar in Communication Disorders**

*Must be repeated once for additional credit
**May be repeated once for additional credit