Faculty and Department Chairs

Program of Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS)

Dr. Rodney E. Rohde, Program Chair, Professor
Ms. Joanna Ellis, Clinical Assistant Professor
Mr. Dave Falleur, Associate Professor
Mr. Thomas Patterson, Associate Professor
Dr. Gerald Redwine, Associate Professor

Department of Communication Disorders (CDIS)

Dr. Valarie Fleming, Department Chair, Associate Professor
Ms. Erica Almaraz, Program Faculty
Ms. Jessica Bowers, Lecturer, Clinic Co-Director
Dr. Rahul Chakraborty, Associate Professor
Dr. Celeste Domsh, Associate Professor
Dr. Emilie Galemore, Program Faculty & Audiologist
Dr. Diana Gonzales, Associate Professor
Dr. Farzan Irani, Assistant Professor
Ms. Jennifer Johnson, Program Faculty
Ms. Linda Johnson, Lecturer
Dr. Maria Resendiz, Assistant Professor
Dr. Amy Louise Schwarz, Assistant Professor
Ms. Lori Stiritz, Senior Lecturer, Audiologist
Mr. Jason Tipps, Program Faculty
Ms. Renee Wendel, Senior Lecturer, Clinic Co-Director

School of Health Administration (HA)

Dr. Matthew Brooks, Director, Associate Professor
Dr. Lola Adepoju, Assistant Professor
Dr. Lloyd Greene, Senior Lecturer, BHA Program Director
Dr. Mary Hogan, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Scott Kruse, Assistant Professor
Dr. Kimberly Lee, Assistant Professor, MHA Program Director
Dr. Cristian Lieneck, Assistant Professor
Mr. Todd Mackenzie, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Michael Mileski, Assistant Professor
Dr. Eileen Morrison, Professor
Dr. Michael Nowicki, Professor
Dr. Oren Renick, Professor
Mr. David Rubenstein, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Ram Shanmugam, Professor
Dr. Joseph Topinka, Assistant Professor

Department of Health Information Management (HIM)

Ms. Jackie Moczygemba, Department Chair, Associate Professor
Ms. Sylvia Alcala, Lecturer
Ms. Sylvia Benitez, Lecturer
Ms. Diane Dolezel, Assistant Professor
Dr. David Gibbs, Assistant Professor
Ms. Cathy Hess, Lecturer
Dr. Barbara Hewitt, Assistant Professor
Ms. Karima Lalani, Lecturer
Dr. Alexander McLeod, Assistant Professor
Ms. Kim Murphy-Abdouch, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ms. Danette Myers, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ms. Jennifer Teal, Lecturer
Ms. Melissa Walston-Sanchez, Lecturer
Dr. Tiankai Wang, Associate Professor

St. David's School of Nursing (NURS)

Dr. Marla Erbin-Roesemann, Director, Professor
Mrs. Leigh Allen, Lecturer
Dr. Kimberly Belcik, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ms. Elizabeth Biggan, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ms. Shawn Boyd, Clinical Associate Professor
Mrs. Amy Britton, Lecturer
Dr. Barbara Covington, Associate Professor
Ms. Anne Darga, Lecturer
Dr. Carol Dettmann, Lecturer
Mr. Ryan Douglas, Sim Lab Information Specialist
Mrs. Renee F. Eliason, Lecturer
Ms. Mary Margaret Finney, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Henry Guevara, Lecturer
Ms. Sarah Guy, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Melinda Hester, Lecturer
Mrs. Kelly Horn, Lecturer
Ms. Janene Jeffrey, Clinical Associate Professor
Ms. Regina Jillapalli, Clinical Associate Professor
Ms. Alisha Johnson, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ms. Marylyn Kajs-Wyllie, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Son Chae Kim, Professor
Mrs. Rosemary Klein-Robbins, Lecturer
Bruce A. Leibert, MD, Lecturer
Dr. Shirley Levenson, Nurse Practitioner Program Director, Assistant Professor
Ms. Gabrielle G. Liles, Lecturer
Ms. Katherine R. Lindley, Lecturer
Ms. Alexis Losch, Clinical Education Placement Coordinator
Mrs. Wendy W. Lowry, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ms. Dinorah G. Martinez-Anderson, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Christopher McClanahan, Coordinator, Simulation Laboratory
Mrs. Cynthia G. Medrano, Lecturer
Mrs. Julie Mynatt, Lecturer
Mrs. Christine Pereira, Lecturer
Dr. Marcia Poole, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Susan Rick, Lecturer
Mrs. Virginia F. Rojo, Standardized Patient Coordinator/Sim Lab Specialist
Ms. Gay Lynn Rowe, Clinical Assistant Professor
Mrs. Monica A. Sowell, Lecturer
Ms. Lisa A. Spann, Lecturer
Mrs. AnnMarie Staats, Lecturer
Dr. Anne Standiford, Assistant Professor
Mrs. Katherine M. Watkins, Lecturer
Dr. Pamela Willson, Clinical Professor
Ms. Michele A. Wilson, Lecturer

Department of Physical Therapy (PT)

Dr. Barbara Sanders, Department Chair, Professor
Dr. Teresa Bachman, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Chris Baker, Lecturer
Ms. Debbie Baylor, Senior Lecturer
Dr. Janet Bezner, Associate Professor
Dr. Brenda Boucher, Associate Professor
Dr. Karen Gibbs, Associate Professor
Dr. Denise Gobert, Associate Professor
Dr. David Greathouse, Clinical Professor
Dr. Jennifer Hale, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Pieter Kroon, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. James Lorenz, Lecturer
Dr. Debra McDowell, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Suzanna Okere, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Mary Parker, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr. Angela Rich, Assistant Professor
Dr. Steve Spivey, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Lois Stickley, Associate Professor
Dr. Shannon Williams, Clinical Lecturer

Program of Radiation Therapy (RTT)

Dr. Ronnie Lozano, Program Chair, Associate Professor
Ms. Trina Dillard, Program Faculty
Ms. Dora Lopez, Clinical Education Lecturer
Dr. Megan Trad, Associate Professor
Ms. Brandi Wilburn, Senior Lecturer

Department of Respiratory Care (RC)

Dr. Gregg Marshall, Department Chair, Professor
Ms. Sharon Armstead, Clinical Assistant Professor
Mr. Kevin Collins, Assistant Professor
Mr. Josh Gonzales, Associate Professor
Dr. Lynda Harkins, Clinical Associate Professor
Mr. Nick Henry, Assistant Professor
TBA, Medical Director, Texas State Sleep Center
Dr. Peter Petroff, Clinical Professor
Dr. Chris Russian, Associate Professor
Mr. Billy Wharton, Instructor