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Faculty Research Interests

Brooks: Veteran’s health and military medicine, and Life-course and aging of military veterans.

Kruse: Adoption of health information technology for the management of chronic disease.

Lee: Leadership, Inter-professional Teaming, Organizational Design and Culture, Inter-professional Communication, Strategic Planning, Management, and Execution, and Adult Learning Strategies.

Lieneck: Healthcare quality, physician services billing and reimbursement, and core competencies of healthcare administrators.

Mileski: Long-term care efficacy and effectiveness; and patient experience improvement and efficiency

Morrison: Ethics in health administration, leadership in health care, and meaning in work.

Nowicki: Healthcare financial management, and the economics driving healthcare reform

Adepoju: Population health with interests in patient-centered care, chronic disease management and economic evaluation of healthcare programs

Renick: Intergenerational service learning, and community-campus partnerships for health

Shanmugam: Biostatistics topics, healthcare decision-making, and health economics

Topinka: Public health and public health law, employment law as it pertains to medical organizations, and military medical law

School Research Themes:

  1. Long-Term Care and Aging
  2. Leadership in Healthcare
  3. Population Health Management
  4. Improving healthcare efficiency and efficacy