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Student Business Cards

Students can have business cards printed through the University's Print & Mail Services at their own expense.  The University's Print & Mail Services is the ONLY approved source of business cards using the University logo, address or phone number.  Business cards produced through Print & Mail Services follow University policy regarding use of the logo.

Procedures to request business cards are as follows:

  1. Students can order cards either in person at the print shop or online.  For online orders, go to this website and select "Business Card Order Form" from the Forms drop down menu.
  2. Follow the instructions on the form inserting information as required.  Please use the following information were indicated:
    • Dept. to be billed - Health Administration
    • Billing number - your contact #
    • Billing fax - 512-245-8712
    • Billing contact - your name
    • Billing e-mail - your Texas State e-mail
    • Order title - give it a name
    • Date needed - give a date at least 1 week from the time submitted
    • Delivery Method - pick up
    • Cost Center - cash
    • Fund Center - cash
    • Account manager - Dr. Matthew Brooks
    • Account manager e-mail -
    • Job status - new
    • Quantity - 250 (you can order more but we do not suggest it)
    • Card type - Texas State 1-sided
  3. Make sure you state "send to Dr. Brooks ( for dept. approval" under the special instructions.  Any cards not approved by Dr. Brooks will not be printed.
  4. Proof will be emailed to Dr. Brooks for approval.  Students will be notified when proof is received.
  5. Print shop will notify the student that the cards are ready.
  6. Student picks up cards from the print shop.  Print shop is located off campus at 1727 Old Ranch Road 12.  You must pay when you pick up the cards.

The format and information to included is as follows:

First & Last Name, Undergraduate Degree (if graduate student)
MHA or BHA Student (if prior to comps) or MHA or BHA Candidate (if after comps)
Undergraduate Conferring University if applicable(optional)
School of Health Administration

Personal Phone Number
University Email

Addtional information such as Graduate Assistant can be added as applicable.  The information you provide will be inserted into the Texas State University format for business cards which is show below.

BusCard Preview

For any questions regarding the printing process or prices, please contact print & mail services.

Print & Mail Services
1727 Old Ranch Road 12
Phone: 512.245.2601
Fax: 512.245.3637