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Reference Letters

When asking someone for a reference letter, provide the following in the initial correspondence:

1.) Why you want the reference to write you a reference letter and from what perspective (advisor, teacher, colleague, friend, etc.)
2.) What you want the reference to cover (work history, academic history, character, etc)
3.) Evidence to support #2 (resume, transcripts, examples of good character)
4.) Who you want the letter addressed to (include name, honorifics, and complete inside address) and whether there is a deadline for the reference to complete the letter.
5.) How you want the letter delivered (snail mail, pdf (provide email address), sealed envelope with a signature across the flap) and/or whether you will pick up the reference letter.


Dr. Jones--I have a huge favor to ask you because you are my favorite professor. I am applying for a university scholarship and I would like you to write a letter of reference, from my teacher's perspective, addressing my academic work. I have attached my transcript for your reference.

If you agree to do this, I would like the letter addressed to the following:

Gregg Adams, PhD, FACHE
Chair of the Selection Committee
Texas State University Graduate Scholarships
Texas State University
601 University Drive
San Marcos, Texas 78666

I hate to give you a short notice, but the letter needs to be there by Friday the 13th. Could you pdf on letterhead to

6.) Some faculty may want you to write the letter for them. If this is the case, steps 2-4 are accomplished in the letter and you must cover steps 1 and 5 in the request.