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Long Term Care Administration (LTCA) Courses

LTCA 5322 Environmental Management in Long Term Care. (3-0) Students will compare performance analyses of long-term care facilities with a focus on organizational culture, and internal and external customer satisfaction. Plans of managerial action to maximize customer satisfaction will be examined.

LTCA 5323 Governance Management in Long Term Care. (3-0) Focuses on regulations for the operation of long term care facilities as promulgated by state and federal governments. Reviews the minimum requirements for licensure and the standards for Medicaid certification in Texas. Also examines specific activities and functions regarding accountability and enforcement procedures.

LTCA 5324 Personnel Management in Long Term Care. (3-0) An examination of management issues in long-term care primarily in the critical areas of human resources, public relations and marketing. Examples include staff recruitment and retention programs, training needs analysis, and marketing plan formulation.

LTCA 5325 Resident Care Management in Long Term Care. (3-0) Administratively oriented content related to nursing care, quality indicator, and geriatric pharmacology utilized in long term care facilities. The course content reflects the relative legislative requirements mandated for nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

LTCA 5335 Financial Management in Long Term Care. (3-0) Students will examine the fiscal performance of selected facilities utilizing data from annual Medicaid cost reports with a focus on revenue enhancement and census development. Students will contrast various systems for determination of reimbursement and use reimbursement issues in a strategic planning sense.

LTCA 5681 Internship in Long Term Care. (0-24) An internship in which the student works directly with a licensed nursing facility administrator in a licensed long-term care facility. Students will be exposed to all aspects of facility operation and management. Graded on a credit (CR), no credit (F) basis.