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MHA Program Competencies


Communications & Relationship Management Knowledge of the Healthcare Environment
1 Relationship Management 11 Healthcare Systems & Organizations
2 Communication Skills 12 Healthcare Personnel
3 Negotiation 13 The Patient's Perspective
Leadership 14 The Community & Environment
4 Leadership Skills & Behavior Business Skills & Knowledge
5 Operational Climate & Culture 15 General Management
6 Communicating Vision 16 Financial Management
7 Managing Change 17 Human Resources Management
Professionalism 18 Organizational Dynamics & Governance
8 Personal & Professional Accountability 19 Strategic Planning & Marketing
9 Professional Development & Lifelong Learning 20 Information Management
10 Contributions to the Community & Profession 21 Risk Management
    22 Quality Improvement

Assessment Levels


  • Facts: Cites findings; recalls pertinent names and terms; identifies relevant facts; recalls and uses theories, events and sequences; correctly uses subject area vocabulary.
  • Comprehension: Discusses alternatives; solves problems; makes accurate decisions based on facts; has full command of area terms, concepts and principles; explains area to others.


  • Determines and applies appropriate knowledge, makes decisions and takes action
  • Solves problems independently
  • Utilizes others for expertise and decides when consultation is required
  • Conducts research in the filed


  • Utilizes experience in applying knowledge in operational setting
  • Takes independent action
  • Writes and publishes in the field
  • Evaluates and critiques works of others in the field
CompetencyModel (PDF, 159 KB)