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The School of Health Administration has an undergraduate advisor & a graduate advisor. Please contact the appropriate person listed below.

Undergraduate Advising

Bachelor's of Healthcare Administration (BHA)

Dr. Lloyd Greene Dr. Lloyd Greene
Senior Lecturer & BHA Program Director
Phone #: 512.245.8685


Graduate Advising

Masters of Healthcare Administration (MHA)
Graduate Certificate (Healthcare Administration)

Dr. C. Scott Kruse

Dr. Clemens Scott Kruse
Assistant Professor & Graduate Programs Director
Phone #: 512.245.4462


Long-Term Care Advising

Graduate Certificate (Long Term Care Administration)

NB: This program is taught exclusively online. For students residing outside of Texas and not planning on relocating to the state, please visit before applying.

Mr. Todd Mackenzie

Mr. Todd Mackenzie
Clinical Assistant Professor & LTCA Advisor/AIT Supervisor

Phone #: 512.589.6915
Office: Health Professions Building (HPB), Room 263

Hours of Completion: 15

Note: All questions regarding licensure and state exam requirements should be directed to the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) at 512-438-2015.