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MHA Degree Plan

Masters of Healthcare Administration
Degree Sequence (51-53 Semester Hours)

Background Courses

The purpose of the background courses is to provide a strong base for advanced studies in healthcare administration. In addition, the MHA graduate faculty strongly suggests that prospective students have solid communication and math competencies. Background courses may be waived for students who have successfully completed previous coursework in the content areas.

  • Accounting (HA 3375 or ACC 2361)
  • Economics
  • Statistics

Background courses must be completed prior to, or concurrent with, Level 1 courses.

Graduate Courses

Level 1 (Level 1 and background must be completed prior to Level 2)

  • HA 5300 Healthcare Organization and Delivery (first course to be taken)
  • HA 5301 Healthcare Administration Research Methods

Level 2 (may be taken in any order, must be completed prior to Level 3)

  • HA 5303 Information Systems Management in Healthcare
  • HA 5304 Healthcare Economics and Financial Theory
  • HA 5316 Healthcare Financial Management
  • HA 5321 Healthcare Law
  • HA 5325 Patient Care Management and Integrated Delivery Systems
  • HA 5334 Operational Decision Making for Healthcare Managers
  • HA 5335 Public Health for Healthcare Administrators
  • HA 5346 Healthcare Strategic Management
  • HA 5355 Human Resource Management in Healthcare Facilities
  • HA 5356 Policy Development in Healthcare Arena
  • HA 5362 Healthcare Organizational Behavior/Theory
  • HA 5371 Marketing of Health Services

Level 3 (must be completed prior to Level 4):

  • HA 5191 Field Experience Orientation (Comprehensive Exam will be taken during this couse & must be passed prior to Level 4)

Level 4:

  • HA 5640 Administrative Practicum; or
  • HA 5840 Administrative Internship; or
  • HA 5399A/B Thesis (This option is usually only available to students that cannot complete a field placement.  Individuals seeking the thesis option should speak to the Graduate Advisor as soon as possible.)