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Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency



In collaboration with St. David’s Medical Center, the Texas State Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency is a 52-week post-professional program for licensed physical therapists interested in advancing their practice through specialized clinical and didactic training in the area of neurologic physical therapy. Successful completion of this program will prepare residents to sit for the ABPTS examination to become a board certified specialist in neurologic physical therapy.

The mission of the Texas State University Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program is to develop expert practitioners in neurologic physical therapy who demonstrate excellence in clinical practice & teaching skills, who expand the body of knowledge of neurologic physical therapy through clinical research, and who are recognized as leaders for their contributions to the community and the profession of physical therapy.



  1. Meet the health needs of society by becoming expert practitioners in neurologic physical therapy
  2. Demonstrate competence in the ability to educate entry level physical therapy students, novice physical therapists, colleagues, and patients
  3. Participate in scientific inquiry to ensure the most evidence based management of individuals with neurological disorders
  4. Conduct clinical research and disseminate the findings in order to advance the body of knowledge in the area of neurologic physical therapy
  5. Establish themselves as leaders within the healthcare community by engaging in community service and participating in program development to meet the needs of individuals with chronic neurologic conditions
  6. Display the highest standards of professionalism
  7. Be eligible to sit for ABPTS board certification as a clinical specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy


Texas State University Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency is accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association as a post professional residency program for physical therapists in Neurology.



Congratulations to Dr. Damian Rodriguez, PT, DPT for successfully completing the Texas State Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program, a collaborative effort with St. David's Rehabilitation Hospital. Damian has done an exceptional job developing his knowledge and skills in the areas of neurologic clinical practice, teaching, and research over the past year -- we will certainly miss having him around.


Dr. Damian Rodriguez with Dr. Jennifer Hale, Residency Program Director

DPT II students, Angel, Kate, Nic, David, & Paige, in attendance to support Damian!

Dr. Damian Rodriguez with Natalie Hiddemen, physical therapist and residency mentor at St. David's Rehabilitation Hospital