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Application for 2018, Class of 2021

For application deadlines, instructions, & requirements please review our PTCAS Directory Page

PTCAS Application opens June 29, 2017

ApplyTexas Application opens July 1, 2017

Please Note: PTCAS processing may take up to 4-5 weeks once all required materials are received.  Therefore, it is recommended that all materials be received by PTCAS no later than August 29 if you would like the opportunity to resolve any issues that arise during the processing period.  If materials are not received by PTCAS prior to August 29, the PT department cannot guarantee that the application materials will be processed prior to the application deadline.  Therefore, it is in the applicant's best interest to submit all application materials no later than August 29.  For additional information, please refer to the PTCAS Application Instructions: "Processing Your File"


Please contact PTCAS customer service 617-612-2040 if you have additional questions or need assistance.


Please contact the Graduate College for further instructions.


To be considered for admission, applicants must:

  • Complete an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution prior to enrollment.
  • Meet the requirements for Graduate College admission.
  • Have a minimum of 3.00 GPA (last 60 hours toward degree).
  • Have a minimum of 3.00 GPA on all science courses (biology, chemistry, and physics).
  • Have a minimum of 3.00 GPA on all prerequisite course requirements.
  • Have a preferred GRE score of  150 or higher in Verbal and a 145 or higher in Quantitative.
  • Have completed volunteer, observation or employment hours in a variety of physical therapy settings

Pre-Requisite Courses for Physical Therapy Program


Prior to enrollment in the DPT Program, the following courses (or the equivalent) must be completed at an accredited institution:



Human Physiology and Anatomy or
Human Structure and Function

4 hrs.


Vertebrate Physiology or
The Physiology of Exercise

3-4 hrs.


General Chemistry I

3 hrs.


General Chemistry I Laboratory

1 hr.


General Chemistry II

3 hrs.


General Chemistry II Laboratory

1 hr.


Medical Terminology

3 hrs.


Biostatistics (Statistics)

3 hrs.


General Physics I with Lab

4 hrs.


General Physics II with Lab

4 hrs.


Introduction to Psychology

3 hrs.


Lifespan Development or
Abnormal Psychology

3 hrs.


  • * Anatomy and Physiology: Requirement is for one semester of A&P. At many institutions, 2 semesters/8 hours of A & P 1 and A & P 2 are available or required.
    If it is offered as a two course sequence, both courses must be completed!
     Anatomy and Physiology 2 will not fulfill the Exercise/Vertebrate Physiology pre-requisite!!


  • ** Chemistry:  If Chemistry 1 and Chemistry 2 are taught with 3-hour lectures and a 2-hour combined lab for both Chemistry lectures, only one lab is required for a total of 8 hours of Chemistry.


  • *** Medical Terminology: courses can be 1, 2, or 3 credit hour courses.


  • **** Statistics: Statistics coursework must include the study of analysis of variance (ANOVA) and can be a basic statistics course from any department.


  • All science courses listed on the pre-requisite table must be taken with lab sections.
  • The level of chemistry and physics courses should correspond to coursework needed for medical and dental schools pre-requisites.
  • Important Admissions Information:  A student may apply to the PT Department before completion of these courses; however, all pre-requisites must be completed before unconditional acceptance into the DPT program will be granted!



Deadline for receipt of ALL APPLICATION MATERIALS TO PTCAS. Applications will be considered incomplete if all materials are not received by this date and applicants will be deemed ineligible for consideration for this cycle- October 2, 2017 

There is one application cycle each year and 40 applicants will be accepted per application cycle.

Please call our PT Office at 512-245-8351 to schedule an advising appointment if you wish to speak with one of our advisers.