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We appreciate your interest in the Respiratory Care profession, the Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care Program (BSRC) offered at Texas State University, and our graduate program in polysomnography (sleep diagnostics). 

The Texas State University Respiratory Care Program offers the Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care degree program (CoARC #200197) and the Polysomnography Option Program (CoARC #400197) at the San Marcos, Texas campus with both programs being fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (www.coarc.com).

Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC)

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The Respiratory Care program at Texas State recently celebrated its 42nd Anniversary at Texas State and our department represents the first established program in the College of Health Professions in 1972.  Since that time, over 1400 graduates from our program can be found in areas of healthcare leadership and management, education, research, clinical practice, and medical equipment development/sales throughout the U.S. and abroad. 

The current RC faculty has over 125 years of collective teaching experience in Respiratory Care at Texas State.  Respiratory Care and Sleep Specialty Programs are fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) and allow graduates to sit for the national board exams administered by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) and the Board for Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT). 

The Texas State RC Program student-to-teacher ratio for all fulltime & adjunct faculty per cohort class of 40 students is 4-to-1 and for each PSG class of 10, the ratio of 3-to-1.  We are dedicated to provide the knowledge and skills required to become Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT), Registerered Polysomnographic Technologists (RPSGT), or Sleep Disorder Specialists (SDS).


BSRC Graduates Present Research at AARC International Conference

Two recent graduates (May 2015) attended the 2015 American Association for Respiratory Care International Congress in Tampa, FL to present their research at the Poster Presentation Sessions on November 16.  Mr. Brent Hoover, BSRC, RRT (white shirt) presented his research conducted by three BSRC colleagues and himself under the supervision of faculty member, Mr. Nick Henry. Brent's research topic "Differences in Aerosol Delivery between Flow and Pressure Triggering During Mechanical Ventilation" was a bench-top research project linked to two senior research courses in the Texas State Program. Also presenting was Mr. Zachary Wurtz, BSRC, RRT (gray vest) on the topic of "Comparison of Senior Respiratory Care Student Utilization of Self-Inflating and Flow-Inflating Resuscitation Bags" in both a poster presentation and oral presentation. Zach completed this bench-top research along with one classmate under the direction of Mr. Henry, as well. Congratulations to Zach and Brent for their commitment to research and scholarly presentation.  EAT 'EM UP, CATS!


Lambda Beta National Honor Society Inductees

On November 13, ten BSRC seniors were inducted into the American Association for Respiratory Care's Lambda Beta National Honor Society at a pizza luncheon.  The criteria for an invitation to the honor society includes the following criteria: 1) a respiratory care student must have completed 50% of their respiratory care courses, 2) hold a GPA which ranks in the top 25 percent of the respiratory class and 3) the individual must be of good character and be nominated by faculty or chapter officers from a Lambda Beta Chapter.  Ten seniors were nominated and selected for national membership.  During a RC Awards Ceremony in April 2016, these members will again be honored through the presentation of their "honor cords" of blue and gold representing "Life and Breath" and the greek letters "Lambda Beta" to be worn with their cap and gown during the May 2016 Commencement to identify them as honor graduates.  We are certainly proud of these seniors and their excellent academic success!!

Pictured Left-to-Right: Roberto Rodriquez, Kelsey Knapp, Elizabeth Vollot, Jessica Long, Tatum Holder, Javier Calderon, Maritza Alejandre, J.T. Corbitt. (Honorees not pictured: Uchenna Enwereji and Lisa Mancillas)

Lambda Beta 2015


Scroll Ceremony for RC Juniors

On Saturday, October 3, the College of Health Professions held the first Annual Scroll Ceremony in conjunction with the Gold-AACN White Coat Ceremony for Nursing in the LBJSC Ballroom from 1-3pm.  Dean Ruth Welborn welcomed the new cohorts to the CHP Departments/Schools of Clinical Laboratory Science, Communication Disorders, Health Administration, Health Information Management, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Radiation Therapy, and Respiratory Care.  Former Dean for the College of Fine Arts & Communication, Dr. Richard Cheatham, provided the address to all and the Roll Call of Programs was provided by each Department/Schools Chairs and Directors.  Approximately 560 were in attendance.  The students were led in the Student Oath by Dean Welborn. A reception followed.  Juniors Scoll


Welcome Class of 2017!!

The Department of Respiratory Care welcomes our new cohort of 40 BSRC majors accepted this fall.  New RC Student Orientation was full of information, good food, "True Colors" revealed, prizes, T-shirts, and making new friends!  What an AWESOME class!

Class of 2017


Eat 'em up, CATS!!  Here are 36 happy graduates and 7 elated faculty members!!

Class of 2015

Welcome Bobcat Alumni!

We have recently added an Alumni page to better connect with all our incredible Bobcat Alumni who are part of our Respiratory Care and Polysomnography family.  It would be amazing to hear from you and ensure we have current info regarding your complishments and professional leadership.  We have also provided information on our student scholarships, if you are interested in giving a tax-deductible gift toward a scholarship of your choice.  You know from going through our program that we are always grateful for any type of gift--whether a cash gift or a gift-in-kind.  Any kind of giving will result in a tax-deductible acknowledgement of your generousity--got a spare ventilator just sitting around gather dust??

Of course, if you want to name one of our labs or the entire Respiratory Care Program, we certainly can provide information on naming rights, as well!

Please click on this Alumni link and update your information with us.  We are excited about the growth and opportunities ahead for our programs including advancing degrees as part of our strategic plans for the future and we want you to be "in the know" at all times about your Bobcat home in Respiratory Care and Sleep.

Come visit us soon in beautiful San Marvolous.....remember?

Bobcat RT's rock NICU Transport!

NICU Transport Team

Graduates from Texas State's BSRC Program are everywhere across the state and country.  Here you see four TxState grads (L-to-R) Minerva Rodriguez, John Alexander, Tim Farmer--NICU Transport Supervisor--and Valerie Gomez, in front of the STARFlight helicopter at St. David's Medical Center as part of the 8 RT's and 5 RN's that fly on the transport team.  GO BOBCATS!!

Pre-clinical Practice makes perfect!


Research & Recent Publications

Part of the role of faculty is to be involved in ongoing research and publication of our findings in peer-reviewed professional journals and books to advance new knowledge in the field of Respiratory Care.  Students are encouraged to work with faculty on research projects and some studies result in a publication for students and faculty.  Below are recent publications of faculty, students, and graduates.



Student / Graduate Publications

Graduate Certificate in Polysomnographic Technology for RTs

The Department of Respiratory Care is pleased to offer a graduate certificate in Polysomnographic Technology.  The PSG program is the only program offered at the graduate level in the nation and provides 15 graduate hours in sleep technology that may be applied toward graduate degrees, such as the Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (MSIS) degree.  Following the 9-month graduate certificate program, students will receive a graduate certificate from Texas State and notation on their graduate transcript denoting the certificate.  The graduate certificate qualifies for all credentialed respiratory therapist to sit for either/both the Registered  Polysomnographic Technologists (RPSGT) or a Sleep Disorder Specialist (SDS) national credentials. 

Sleep studies, or polysomnography, is an exciting area of healthcare in which the sleep profession perform technical &  diagnostic evaluations of a broad range of sleep disorders.  Respiratory Therapist represent a large portion of the sleep technology workforce. For more information, check under the "Degrees & Programs" tab above.

The faculty of the Department of Respiratory Care at Texas State have a combined RC teaching experience of over 115 years at Texas State alone!  Our dedicated faculty have one goal in mind.....helping our students achieve the goal of the BSRC degree and the RRT national credential.

Polysomnography/Sleep Study Resources

AARC Times PSG (PDF, 967 KB)

Clinical Education

The Department of Respiratory Care offers exciting learning opportunities through clinical practice at participating facilities in the Austin - San Antonio area.

Respiratory Care Student Association (RCSA)

rcsa    The RCSA serves the Respiratory Care student body by providing     opportunities for student social events, community events and healthcare outreach, fundraising, and cohort support.

Respiratory Care Career Network

We are happy to offer our BSRC majors and graduates a link to the Respiratory Care Career Network posting job opportunities around the region. This resource can also be found under the "Student Resources" tab across the top of the RC website. Just click on the link below.