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Research Information

A major aspect of the CSTP is to systematically collect data to help us gain a better perspective on the effectiveness of the methods used. Our goal is to provide quality services grounded in evidence-based practice. Toward this end, we will be requesting participants to give consent to allow us to analyze data gathered as part of the program to gain a better understanding of the program's effectiveness.

The goal of the clinical research tied to the CSTP is: (1) To determine effectiveness of the 10-day intensive program; and (2) Determine feasibility of providing follow-up therapy online via Adobe Connect. Collecting and analyzing this data will help us determine the overall effectiveness of the entire program and help determine changes necessary to improvise and offer better quality services in the future. This will also give us more information, and a better understanding about long-term maintenance of changes made during the intensive clinic. 

If you have any questions about the clinical research tied to the CSTP, please contact Dr. Irani.  

Please note the research aspect of the CSTP does not require participants to do anything in addition to attending the program. Consent to participate in the research gives us permission to analyze data we gather as part of the regular clinical protocol.

NOTE: Consent to participate in the clinical research study is voluntary and does not affect participation in the CSTP.