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Research Forum

Winners of the 2021 College of Health Professions Research Forum


For 2021 there were a total of 68 posters submitted. 


First Place:  Stephanie Patel, PhD, and Elizabeth Biggan, "Life on the Other Side: An Undergraduate Experience with Poverty Simulation," (School of Nursing)

Second PlaceNathan Rodrigues, PhD, Christopher Russian, PhD, Abbey Hudgins, Tim Farmer, Isabel Chacon, Richard Morley, Marie Crum, and Steven Dekowski, "Rest and Readiness in Unit-Based Specialty Care Perinatal Transport Team Clinicians: A Pilot Study," (Respiratory Care)

Third Place: Stephanie Patel, PhD, and Diana Martinez Dolan, PhD, "Integrating Adolescent Substance Abuse Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) in Nurse Practitioner Curriculum Improves Student Confidence in Building Trust With Clients," (School of Nursing)


First Place:  Katharine Heinemann, "Policy Paper: School-Based Mental Health Services," (Health Administration)

Second Place:  Jarrett Cotton, Dulinika Handuwala, Debbie Supernaw, and Donna Ponchak, "Barriers to Self-Care Management in Heart Failure," (Nursing)

Third Place:  Shannon Marsh, Larae Vigil, Vanessa Reinke, and Francisco Baeza, "Increasing Adult Influenza Vaccination Knowledge and Uptake: Use of One Evidence Based CDC Video," (Nursing)


First Place:  Kimberly Lee, PhD, Joana Fohn, Gevin Dray, and Katharine Heinemann, "Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare: Case Study in Virtual Strategic Planning in Response to COVID-19 Restrictions," (Health Administration)

Second Place:  Clemens Scott Kruse, PhD, Michael Mileski, PhD, Valery Armenta, Samantha Nguyen, Joseph Soliz, and Rudolph Jackson,"Facilitators and Barriers to Health Information Technology Adoption in Long-Term Care During COVID-19: A Systematic Review," (Health Administration)

Third Place:  Paula Stigler Granados, PhD, Elizabeth Flores, Camryn Cagle, Eva Nunez Patlan, Samantha Nguyen, Rodney Rohde, PhD, Cristian Lieneck, PhD, Gerardo Pacheco, PhD, Jose Betancourt, PhD, and Lawrence Fulton, PhD, "Utilizing the Extension by Community Healthcare Outcomes Model (ECHO) to Educate U.S. Healthcare Providers on Chagas Disease," (Health Administration)


First Place:  Nikki Treuthardt, Carolyn Ratcliffe, and Taylor Johnson, "Association Between Contraceptive Use and Depression in Premenopausal Women," (Nursing)

Second Place:  Madison Brown, "Rate of Secondary Malignancies in Different Treatment Techniques," (Radiation Therapy)

Third Place:  Anahie Segura, and Jacqueline Gonzalez, "Development and Evaluation of a Three-Dimensional Printer-Based DNA Extraction Method Coupled to Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification for Point-of-Care Diagnosis of Congenital Chagas Disease in Endemic Regions," (Clinical Laboratory Science)

Kevin Collins, Chair
Diane Dolezel, Vice Chair
College of Health Professions Faculty/Student Research Forum