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Research Forum

Winners of the 2018 College of Health Professions Research Forum


For 2018 there were a total of 55 posters submitted.  Last year there were 70 posters submitted: 

Faculty Research:  HA=1, PT=1, RC=1

Student Research:  SON = 4

Student Faculty Collaboration: HA=3, PT=3, SON=7, CLS =1

Educational:  CDIS=3, CLS=17, HA = 2, RC=2, SON=10


There were seven judges on the Committee and posters were judged beginning at 9:00 am on Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Scores were tabulated and ribbons were displayed on posters on Thursday, April 12, 2018


First Place:  Lawrence V. Fulton, “Machine Learning Approaches for Identification of Alzheimer’s Disease using Social Determinants Imagery”, (Healthcare Administration)

Second Place:  Nicholas R. Henry, Christopher J. Russian, “Organ Procurement Organization and University-Based Respiratory Care Program Partnership to Develop Student Internships”, (Respiratory Care)

Third Place: Denise Gobert, Sarah Edmiston, Benni Salinas, “Validity of Instrumented Motor-Cognitive Assessment for Persons with Mild Brain Injury using a Virtual Reality Environment”, (School of Nursing)


First Place:  Zoe Cameron, Melanie Rose, Allison Rutelonis, and Lauren Lucas, “Improving Primary care Provider to Patient Sexual Health Communication and Assessment”, (School of Nursing)

Second Place:  Audrey Hogue, Cecelia Davis, Kimberly Jones, “Graduate Nursing Students’ Knowledge of Type II Diabetes Treatment Guidelines”, (School of Nursing)

Third Place:  Mirana Baumguardner, Kathleen Miller, Brenda Tucker, David Virgil, “Willingness to Use Techonology Applications to Reduce Medication Costs”, (School of Nursing)


First Place:  Thomas Patterson, Alberto Lopez, Binh Pham, “Isolation of MRSA from the Oral Cavity of Companion Dogs”, (Clinical Lab Science)

Second Place:  Lawrence V. Fulton, Reagan Wilkinson, A Simulation of Rainwater Harvesting Design and Demand-Side Controls for , (Healthcare Administration)

Third Place:  Stephanie Sanders, Melodie Vann, Janice Merideth, Jonathan Gordon, Son Chae, “Parental Beliefs and Behaviors in Pediatric Antibiotic Use”, (School of Nursing)


First Place:  Phoebe Atkinson, Stephanie Sperduti, Dr. Rodney Rohde, “A Next-Generation Sequencing Strategy for Evaluating the Most Common Genetic Abnormality in Multiple Myeloma”, (Clinical Lab Science)

Second Place:  Francisco Jaimes, Jamie Vreeland, Dr. Rodney Rohde , “Using rRT-PCR to Detect Zika”, (Clinical Lab Science)

Third Place:  Kinsey Cozby and Linh Bui , “Toll-Like Receptor 9 Suppresses Lupus Disease in Fas-sufficient MRL Mice”, (Clinical Lab Science)

Diane Dolezel, Vice Chair
College of Health Professions Faculty/Student Research Forum