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Research Forum

Winners of the 2017 College of Health Professions Research Forum


For 2017 there were a total of 70 posters submitted.  Last year there were 75 posters submitted: 

Faculty Research:  SON = 3, HIM = 2, HA = 1

Student Research:  CDIS = 2, PT = 1, SON = 2, HA = 1

Student Faculty Collaboration: HA = 11, SON = 5, PT = 3, CDIS = 7

Educational: SON = 9, CLS = 13, CDIS = 9, HIM = 1


There were eight judges on the Committee and posters were judged beginning at 9:00 am on Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Scores were tabulated and ribbons were displayed on posters on Thursday, April 13, 2017


First Place:      Shawn Boyd, Regina Jillapalli, Alisah Johnson, Andrea Paladino, “Bridging the Informatic Gap in Nursing Education” (School of Nursing)

Second Place:  Dr. Clemens S. Kruse, Deepthi Pulluri, Monica Soma, Naga T. Nemali, Matthew S. Brooks, “The Effectiveness of Telemedicine in the Management of Chronic Heart Disease” (Health Administration)

Third Place:     Dr. Diane Dolezel, Dr. Alexander McLeod, “The Odds of Success: Predicting RHIA Examination Success” (Health Information Management)


First Place:       Carmen Garcia Garza, Novil Kaur, Denise Landon, Ednah Silmon, Veronica, Torres, Rosemary Trevino, “Probiotic Prevention for Bacterial Vaginosis” (School of Nursing)

Second Place:  Andrew Mask, Dr. Lola Adepoju, “The Relationship Between ACO Status and 30-Day Hospital-wide Readmissions. Are all ACOs Created Equal?” (Health Administration)

Third Place:     Rose Duran, Heather Gilcrease, Chantel Bent, Anna Koch, Raul Hernandez, “Probiotic Prevention of Pediatric Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea” (School of Nursing)


First Place:       Thamarai Selvi, Dr. Cristian Lieneck, “What Payment Model Do You Prefer?” (Health Administration)          

Second Place:  Sean Buchner, Amanda Folger, Dr. Brenda Boucher, “An Investigation of Functional Movement Impairments in Yoga Practitioners Before and After Yoga Posture Training and With Targeted Exercise Intervention” (Physical Therapy)

Third Place:     Elizabeth Marquez, Erika Albright, Daniel, Hall, Dr. Son Che Kim, “Self-Care Activities in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus” (School of Nursing)


First Place:       Dominic Proby, Kyle Dickinson, Kyle Moore, “An RNA-Based Signature Enables High Specificity Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells in Hepatocellular Carcinoma”  (Clinical Laboratory Science)

Second Place:  Rachael Cintron, Sarah Saenz, Gilbert Villarreal, “Next Generation Molecular Testing of Newborn Dried Blood Spots for Cystic Fibrosis” (Clinical Laboratory Science)

Third Place:     Alissa Gray, Jeremiah Rodriguez, Benjamin Rosenberger, Kendra Shipley, Jessica Yhel, “Beating the Baby Blues: Exercising in Women with Postpartum Depression” (School of Nursing)