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Research Forum

Winners of the 2020 College of Health Professions Research Forum


For 2020 there were a total of 37 posters submitted. 


First Place:  Arzu Ari, PhD, "The Impact of High-Fidelity Simulation on Student Performance on the National Board Exams in Respiratory Therapy," (Respiratory Care)

Second PlaceArzu Ari, PhD, "A Unique Way of Delivering Aerosolized Medications to Adults: A Transitional Research With High Flow Nasal Cannula," (Respiratory Care)

Third Place: Arzu Ari, PhD, "An in Vitro Comparison of Albuterol Delivery To A Spontaneously Breathing Pediatric With Different Airway Resistance And Lung Compliance," (Respiratory Care)


First Place:  Christine Dumond, Amber Holisky, Kristen Ortiz, Destiny Pittman, and Merissa Ramirez, "Factors Affecting Influenza Vaccine Uptake," (Nursing)

Second Place:  Mallory McKeel, Charity Martin, Karleigh Johnson, and Phoebe Agoru, "Social Support Screening Tool Validation for Women of Childbearing Age," (Nursing)

Second Place:  Kaleigh Cormier, Shaneel Brar, Brady Kindred, Guillermo Gutierrez, and Dr. Scott Kruse, "Combating Doctor Shopping with Health Information Technology," (Health Administration)

Third Place:  Jordan Whisenhunt, Janey Umstaad, and Senecae Ontibero, "HPV Knowledge and Perceptions," (Nursing)


First Place:  Katie David and Pamela Willson, PhD, "Bedside Educational Tool: Improving Patient Education and Nursing Documentation," (Nursing)

Second Place:  Amy Hartman, Pamela Willson, PhD, and Diana Dolan, PhD, "Results Pending Unit: Improving Emergency Department Flow and Patient Satisfaction," (Nursing)

Third Place:  Courtney Burgoon and Diana Dolan, PhD, "Implementation of a Quality Incident Review Team: Effects on Reporting and Resolution," (Nursing)

Third Place:  Joanna Fohn, Lisa Brooks, Kimberly Lee, PhD, and Michael Mileski, PhD, "Facilitators and Barriers Surrounding the Role of Administration in Associate Job Satisfaction in Long-Term Care Facilities," (Health Administration)


First Place:  Derrick Bailey, Autumn Holland, Dalia Trejo, and Brea Vargas, "Practice Assurance: An Answer for Patients Regarding Medical Practitioners in Telehealth," (Health Information Management)

Second Place:  Ryan Reyes and Chad Roberts, "Qualitative Assays for Identifying Extracellular Vesicles Containing miRNA," (Clinical Laboratory Science)

Third Place:  Dawniel Pool, Jill Green, and Tilly Marks, "Evaluation of the Reverse Transcription Strand Invasion Based Amplification (RT-SIBA) RSV Assay, a Rapid Molecular Assay for the Detection of RSV," (Clinical Laboratory Science)

Third Place:  Sarah Todd, Susie Henderson, and Samantha Stockton, "The Effects of Early Urinary Catheter Removal," (Nursing)

Kevin Collins, Chair
Diane Dolezel, Vice Chair
College of Health Professions Faculty/Student Research Forum