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Minor Change Form

Curriculum changes could impact eligibility for the offices listed: financial aid and scholarships, athletics, veteran affairs, or others. Students are responsible for consulting with the offices that apply to them to determine how curriculum changes will affect them PRIOR to the completion of this form. Students should also be aware that changes to their major/minor could result in additional charges related to the tuition for excessive hours policy and/or make them ineligible for the tuition rebate policy. Those policies can be found at the following website:

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Minor Information

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Please review the catalog for a list of the minors offered and the courses required.

If you are adding a minor, you must list a minor that is listed in the catalog. Requests to add a minor that does not exist cannot be honored.

By clicking "Submit Request" below, you authorize the College of Health Professions Advising Center to add/remove your minor as requested. You also acknowledge you have reviewed the minors offered at Texas State and if you are adding a minor, you are requesting to add an approved minor listed in the catalog.