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New Student Information Questionnaire

New Student Information Questionnaire

Please complete the following pre-appointment questionnaire. This will allow us to better serve you during your New Student Advising appointment.

If you have not already done so, please activate your student email account as it is required for the questionnaire. You may activate your NetID and email account at the following link:

Texas State Online Toolkit

This questionnaire is for students who have completed their New Student Orientation but have not yet had their New Student Advising appointment with our office.


Will you be a full-time student (12+ hours)? *
Will you apply for financial aid? *
Do you plan to work? *

Pending Credit

Please list any pending credit that has not already been sent to Texas State. This can include courses that are currently in progress at another institution, courses that have recently been completed but not yet sent or received by the Texas State Office of Undergraduate Admissions, exams taken for credit such as AP or CLEP, or military credit.

For college coursework, please list the course number, where the course was taken, and what semester you took/are taking the course. For credit by exam, please list the type of exam you took as well as your score.

If you do not have any pending credit, select "No" and type "None" in the text box.

If you would prefer to submit unofficial transcripts, you may attach them below, and put "See attached" in the text box.


BIOL 1406 - Austin Community College - Fall 2017
Chemistry AP Exam - 4


Do you have any pending credit? *