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Zoom Appointment Guidelines

Preparing for a Zoom Appointment

  • Make sure you have a reliable internet connection.
  • For the best experience, we highly recommend using a computer or laptop over using a phone. We also recommend using the Zoom program over opening appointments in your browser.
  • Make sure your webcam and microphone are on and working.
  • Prior to the meeting, open Zoom to alleviate technical difficulty. You can access a "How-to Video" on the confirmation email you were sent.
  • Find a quiet and secluded location with a neutral wall or backdrop. Utilize headphones if other individuals could be within listening proximity.
  • Before starting, adjust the camera to an appropriate angle and test your microphone. Make sure to click "Join Audio Conference by Computer." This will alleviate any unwanted delays in your advising appointment.
  • Neither the advisor nor the student has permission to record Zoom appointments.

Zoom Appointment Etiquette

  • Zoom advising appointments should be treated with the same professionalism as an in-person advising appointment.
  • Dress as if you were meeting your advisor in their office. FULL clothing is required.
  • During your appointment, do not leave the camera window or walk around. You should remain engaged throughout the online advising session.
  • Do not engage in conversation with those around you during the appointment. Outside conversations distract from the appointment and violate FERPA guidelines.
  • Federal regulations (FERPA) require access granted by the student to participate in an advising session. Access can be granted through the Bobcat Family Portal. If a guest or family member is present, we will verify that you have granted access before starting; if access has not been granted, your appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled.


Participation in a Zoom appointment assumes that you have read and understood these policies and will be held accountable for them.