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Requesting a Degree Audit Report

Requesting a Degree Audit Report

Students may view their degree audit report (audit) online at anytime, by visiting Self-Service Catsweb. Students should log in using their Texas State User ID and password.  If there are any questions about how courses should count, or if students would like clarification on what requirements are remaining, they should contact their major advisor.

An official degree audit will be processed once students meet the requirements for entrance into their respective majors and have applied for and/or been accepted into the major.  The academic unit will request an official audit from the Health Professions Advising Center.  Processing time generally takes one to three weeks, depending on the time of year.

Students who are athletes, receive Veterans Affairs benefits, or need an official audit for financial aid appeals should contact the Health Professions Advising Center to request the audit.  Those students must clarify the purpose of the audit when making the request.

Students who will be graduating in two to three semesters should request a final degree audit, in order to ensure all degree requirements are being met.  It is important to do this prior to the semester of graduation, in order to allow ample time to enroll in any outstanding requirements in a timely manner.