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Admissions Requirements cont.

Minimum GPA Requirements

The St. David's School of Nursing uses two different GPAs when evaluating applicants: a prerequisite GPA and a natural science GPA.

  • Prerequsite GPA includes all coursework required for admission with the exception of US 1100. Coursework outside of these requirements is not included in this GPA. The minimum prerequisite GPA for admission is a 2.90.
  • Natural Science GPA includes only the five natural science courses (BIO 1330, CHEM 1341, BIO 2440, BIO 2451, and BIO 2452). NUTR 2360 is not included in the Natural Science GPA. The minimum Natural Science GPA for admission is a 3.00.

Keep in mind these are only minimums required to be eligible to apply. Meeting minimum GPA requirements does not guarantee admission, nor will all students meeting the minimums be accepted into the program. Competitive GPAs tend to be much higher.

Maximum Hours Remaining

As students apply for admission during the middle of the academic year, it is fairly common for them to have coursework still needed or in progress. Students are allowed a maximum of 18 credit hours of prerequisites remaining that they may complete in either the Spring or Summer semesters before their prospective Fall start date at the St. David's School of Nursing. Out of that 18, up to 8 credit hours remaining may be natural science coursework. In practice, this means you must have 3 out of 5 natural science courses complete by the application deadline. BIO 2451 must be completed prior to applying and cannot be one of the two allowed science courses remaining. All prerequisite coursework must be completed prior to the first day of class at St. David's.

Natural Science Repeat Policy

Applicants are allowed up to eight attempts in the five natural science courses. In other words, students are allowed to repeat up to three natural science courses. A particular course may be repeated only one time. Withdrawals in these courses (Ws on a transcript) are counted as attempts. Three or more attempts of a particular science course, or failure to make the minimum grade of C after two attempts will render a student ineligible to apply. The number of repeats and withdrawals will affect a student's competitiveness and impact the admissions decision.


Students may not be on probation or suspension with Texas State at the time they apply to the St. David's School of Nursing. If an applicant applies and their Texas State GPA is below the 2.0 minimum for good academic standing, the applicant will not be given further consideration or reviewed for admission to the program.