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Faculty Research Interests

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Valarie Fleming

  • Cognitive-Linguistic Aging
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

Dr. Celeste Domsch

  • Development of Complex Syntax
  • Literacy Interventions
  • Development of Cultural Competence in Students
  • Late Talkers

Dr. Maria Diana Gonzales

  • Developmental Outcomes in Infants
  • Emergent Literacy in Bilingualism


Dr. Farzan Irani

  • Treatment Outcomes in Stuttering

Dr. Maria Resendiz

  • Language Learning in Bilingual Populations
  • Post-graduate Clinical Training

Dr. Amy Louise Schwarz

  • Read-Aloud Practices Across Types of Educators
  • Social, Cultural, & Linguistic Biases of CDIS Professionals & Students 

Dr. Ranjini Mohan

  • Neural Basis of Language and Cognition
  • Aging

Dr. Jie Yang

  • Cross-linguistic Investigation of the Acquisition of Speech Production and Perception Abilities in Monolingual and Bilingual Children
  • Development of Prosodic Characteristic of Tone and Intonation


Dr. Valarie Fleming

Professor and ChairFleming
Dr. Fleming's research interests include understanding the effects of cognitive impairments on communication ability in adults. Specifically, her interests focus on executive and memory processes and how they influence the comprehension and production of discourse in clinical and nonclinical populations of adults. Dr. Fleming is also interested in examining cultural influences on the access and utilization of community and therapeutic services in normal and disordered populations. Current research projects include Cognitive Flexibility and Discourse Production in Older and Younger Adults, Discourse Production in Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), and Health Literacy in Older and Younger Adults.

Dr. Celeste Domsch

Dr. Domsch's research interests include the development of complex syntax, literacy in those experiencing homelessness, and the development of cultural competence in students. She has also researched lexical growth in children who are late to talk and collected data on longer-term outcomes in this population. She has co-authored a publication on the development of C-V coarticulation and has presented at regional and national conferences.

Dr. Maria Diana Gonzales

Dr. Gonzales' research interests include the developmental outcomes of infants discharged from Neonatal Intensive Care units. Additional research interests include the parent-child interaction skills exhibited by bilingual parents with typically developing and language disordered infants as well as the emergent literacy skills of typically developing and language disordered bilingual preschoolers. Dr. Gonzales is also interested in developing more effective methods of student mentoring and infusing diversity issues into the curriculum.

Dr. Farzan Irani

Associate ProfessorIrani
Dr. Irani’s research interests include evaluating treatment outcomes in stuttering. He is interested in evaluating long-term treatment outcomes for adolescents and adults who stutter attending intensive stuttering therapy programs. He is also interested in the application of telepractice to stuttering therapy. He has co-authored publications evaluating treatment outcomes for intensive stuttering therapy and psychosocial aspects of stuttering.

Click Here for more information about the Comprehensive Stuttering Therapy Program

Dr. Maria Resendiz

Associate ProfessorResendiz
Ms. Resendiz earned her Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin, where she also earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.  Her research interests include how children learn language, specifically the role of children’s experience with English in learning English grammar. She has publications on language learning within the context of narratives with children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and has presented at national conferences.

BLAB Lab Policies and Procedures

Dr. Amy Louise Schwarz

Associate ProfessorSchwarz
Dr. Schwarz's research interests include translating basic research on early language development and preliteracy into applied research that informs clinical practice and language intervention. She is particularly interested in identifying the social, linguistic, and perceptual cues young children use to acquire verbs. As she identifies these cues in children developing language in a typical fashion, she will design and test the efficacy of simple no cost treatments for children across clinical populations.
Click here to learn more about Dr. Schwarz's research

Ms. Jessica Bowers

Ms. Bowers’ research interests include family dynamics in the therapy treatment process and family training programs for facilitating therapeutic techniques. She also has an interest in feeding development outcomes of premature infants following discharge from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 

Dr. Emilie Galemore

Clinical LecturerGalemore
Dr. Galemore graduated with a bachelor's degree in communication sciences and disorders from Truman State University, Kirksville, Mo., and received her doctorate of audiology from The University of Kansas. She is interested in research involving cochlear implants and language development of children with cochlear implants.

Ms. Jennifer Johnson

Clinical Lecturerjjohnson
Jennifer L. Johnson, M.S. CCC-SLP holds a bachelor of fine arts in musical theatre performance from Western Michigan University and received a master of science in communication disorders from Texas State University.  She has been active in research with the American Institute of Voice and Ear Research and with the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Drexel University College of Medicine.

Ms. Linda Johnson

Linda Johnson's research interests are: successful dysphagia management techniques, development of an artificial pharynx, the relationship between cochlear implant and literacy development and age effects on stroke recovery.

Mrs. Lori Stiritz

Senior LecturerStiritz
Mrs. Stiritz 's research is in the area of auditory processing disorders. She is one of few audiologists performing this type of assessment in Central Texas. Specifically, she is interested in the effects of auditory processing disorders on learning to read. She also is involved in establishing effective remediations for this type of problem.

Mr. Jason Tipps

Clinical LecturerTipps
Mr. Tipps speech pathology professional experience includes employment in the pediatric home health and adult rehabilitation settings. His research interests include language development in monolingual and bilingual children and dysphagia management techniques across the lifespan.

Mrs. Renee Wendel

Senior LecturerWendel
Mrs. Wendel's research interests include literacy acquisition in children with Autism, cognitive factors influencing the acquisition of communication skills in children with autism/ASD, technology applications in clinical service delivery, student outcomes in clinical education and training, and the relationship between gender and maternity/paternity on scoring procedures of standardized tests.


Dr. Ranjini Mohan

Assistant ProfessorMohan

Dr. Mohan's research interests include identifying age- and disease-related changes in communication across the lifespan. She is specifically interested in understanding the neural bases of cognition and language in typically aging adults and those with neurogenic diseases. She has extensive clinical experience working with adults in acute, sub-acute, and outpatient settings both in the U.S. and in India.

Office: Willow Hall, Room 243
Phone: 512.716.2612



Dr. Jie Yang

Assistant Professor Yang
Dr. Yang’s research focuses on cross-linguistic investigation of the acquisition of speech production and perception abilities in monolingual and bilingual children. She is especially interested in the development of prosodic characteristic of tone and intonation. Clinically, Dr. Yang is interested in translation of this information on normal processes into understanding speech disorders and clinical issues related to culturally and linguistically diverse populations.


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