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Course Equivalents

Auburn University (XLSX, 22 KB)
Augustana College (XLSX, 22 KB)
Baylor University (XLS, 39 KB)
Biola University (XLSX, 22 KB)
Brescia University (XLSX, 10 KB)
Butler University (XLS, 39 KB)
College of Wooster (XLSX, 22 KB)
Elmhurst College (XLS, 39 KB)
Emerson College (XLS, 39 KB)
Iona College (XLS, 40 KB)
Kean University (XLSX, 10 KB)
Kuwait University (XLS, 39 KB)
Lamar University (XLSX, 22 KB)
Lehman University (XLSX, 23 KB)
Mercy College (XLS, 39 KB)
Molloy College (XLS, 39 KB)
Pace University (XLS, 46 KB)
Purdue University (XLS, 39 KB)
Queens College (XLS, 39 KB)
Stockton College (XLS, 39 KB)
Temple University (XLS, 39 KB)
Towson University (XLSX, 22 KB)
UT Dallas (XLS, 39 KB)
UT Tyler (XLS, 39 KB)
University of Utah (XLSX, 23 KB)
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