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CLS Courses

Once you have been accepted into the program, you will begin CLS Courses.  You will progress through the Junior and Senior year with your cohort of up to 20 students. 

If you have successfully completed all of your prerequisite courses and pass all of the following courses with a "C" or better, you will graduate in August with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science.

**Note: It is difficult to work during your Senior year (particularly Spring and Summer) due to clinical rotation and classroom requirements.

Junior Year

CLS 3305 (3 hours) Introduction to Clinical Practice (Lecture & Lab) (FALL)

CLS 3410 (4 hours) Clinical Chemistry I (Lecture & Lab) (FALL)

CLS 3326 (3 hours) Medical Parasitology (Lecture & Lab) (FALL)

CLS 3323 (3 hours) Clinical Microscopy & Analysis of Body Fluids (Lecture & Lab) (SPRING)

CLS 3412 (4 hours) Hematology/Coagulation I (Lecture & Lab) (SPRING)

CLS 3424 (4 hours) Clinical Immunology (Lecture & Lab) (SPRING)

Senior Year

CLS 4333 (3 hours) Introduction to Clinical Practice (Lecture) (FALL)

CLS 4318 (3 hours) Hematology II (Lecture & Lab) (FALL)

CLS 4440 (4 hours) Clinical Microbiology I (Lecture & Lab) (FALL)

CLS 4460 (5 hours) Immunohematology (Lecture & Lab) (FALL)

CLS 4340 (3 hours) Clinical Microbiology II (Lecture & Lab) (SPRING)

CLS 4341 (3 hours) Molecular Diagnostics (Lecture & Lab) (SPRING)

CLS 4370 (3 hours) Clinical Chemistry II (Lecture & Lab) (SPRING)

CLS 4463 (4 hours) CLS Clinical Practice I (Class & Clinical Rotations) (SPRING)

CLS 4225 (2 hours) Laboratory Management and Supervision (Lecture) (SUMMER I & II)

CLS 4361 (3 hours) Research Methods in CLS (Lecture & Lab) (SUMMER I & II)

CLS 4364 (3 hours) CLS Clinical Practice II (Class & Clinical Rotations) (SUMMER I & II)       

Program Progression

Successful program progression requires students to complete each semester in a lock-step sequence with a grade of "C" or higher in all major (CLS) courses.  According to CLS program policy, students with a grade of less than a "C" in a CLS course will be stepped out of the program and must reapply to the program the following academic year.  To be considered for program readmission, all original program admission criteria and an approved schedule for retaking courses must be met.

You will be proud of your degree because you will earn it.  There is a great deal of diversity in the field, where you can work, and what you can do using this degree as a foundation!

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