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Prerequisite Courses

  • Entrance into this program is competitive. There is a minimum GPA requirement of 2.5 for overall and science GPA; however, 3.0 is recommended to be competitive.

  • Students   complete the following five prerequisite courses prior to submitting the CLS application: BIO 1330/1130, BIO 1331/1131, CHEM 1341/1141, CHEM 1342/1142, and the mathematics course. Students may only have a maximum of the nine remaining prerequisite hours, with no remaining credit hours in prerequisite science and mathematics courses prior to beginning the CLS Program. While students are encouraged to complete all prerequisite courses prior to admission, the CLS course sequence only offers 10 hours in the first fall semester and 11 hours in the first spring semester. Thus, students requiring 12 hours for full-time status in the first year of our program, you will need to save two liberal arts courses to meet this 12h requirement. Beginning Fall 2017, financial aid will only pay for classes required to get the CLS degree.  Please contact the CLS Program if you have questions.

    If you are enrolled in prerequisite courses when you apply, you may receive  "Conditional Acceptance" into the CLS program. If you drop a prerequisite course or make a "D or F" before you begin the program, you may forfeit your spot at the discretion of the CLS faculty and staff.

  • Preference will be given to those applicants that have completed all of the science prerequisites before  applying.




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