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Student TRACS Site



The School of Health Administration (SOHA) is proud to introduce the SOHA Student TRACS Site.

This online resource is a collaboration of information, materials, event notices, and other vital announcements, established for your use as a student enrolled in one of the School's professional programs. Access to this site is available only to Texas State University students associated with the SOHA. If it's happening, the event announcement, materials, and other information will be housed within this site. Think of it as your one-stop-shop for SOHA resources related to healthcare administration activities and academics.

The SOHA student is encouraged to frequent this site often, as well as be alert for email messages alerting you to new resources added to this site. This will allow you to stay abreast of upcoming networking events and other important meetings. Pay special attention to the following TRACS site sections:

a. email notifications sent from the site to your student TxState email account.
b. calendar (for both academic and networking/event information).
c. resources (shared SOHA documents, Upsilon Phi Delta honor society information, professional
association information, etc).

You are now empowered with this collaborative resource that is inclusive only to the Texas State SOHA student. Your level of utilization will only help further your academic studies, knowledge of the field, and networking opportunities with your peers and healthcare professionals.

Please direct any issues or suggestions for improvement for this site to Dr. Mileski (

Cannot find the SOHA Student Site on your TRACS page? Follow these steps:

  1. Click on “My Workspace” (top menu bar) and then “Worksite Setup” (left-side menu).
  2. On the right side of the page, click the drop-down box that says, “show X items per page” and be sure to select, “show 200 items per page” so you are able to see all of the course/project sites of which you are currently a member.
  3. Select “SOHA Student Site.” You may also access “Preferences” on the left-side menu to make this site one of your 3 favorites and have it displayed on the top menu bar.
  4. If you are still unable to see “SOHA Student Site” under your “Worksite Setup” page (after selecting “Show 200 items per page”), please send an email to Dr. Mileski ( to verify your access to the site.