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Undergraduate and BHA Advisor

Dr. Jose Betancourt

Dr. Jose Betancourt
Associate Professor & BHA Program Director (PD)
Phone #512.245.8239

BSHS Advisor

Dr. C. Scott Kruse

Dr. Clemens Scott Kruse
Professor, Director of SOHA, & BSHS Programs Director
Phone #: 512.245.3556

Graduate Advisor

Dr. Zo Ramamonjiarivelo

Dr. Zo Ramamonjiarivelo
Associate Professor & Graduate Programs Director
Phone #: 512.245.34978

Long Term Care Administration (LTCA)* Advisor

Dr. Michael Mileski

Dr. Michael Mileski
Associate Professor & LTCA Program Director
Phone #: 512.245.7308

*This program is taught exclusively online. For students residing outside of Texas and not planning on relocating to the state, please visit before applying.