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Degree Plan Info and Misc Information

Degree Plan

This page contains degree plan information for the School of Health Administration. Select links to view appropriate degree plans or see below for additional information.

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BS-HS)

Bachelor of Healthcare Administration (BHA)
Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA)
Executive (delivery) of the MHA (EMHA)
Minor in Healthcare Administration

Miscellaneous Information


Contact Ms. Julie Carroll, Administrative Assistant, for questions regarding curriculum and course sequence information and with any questions pertaining to the healthcare administration program.  Call 512-245-3556 or email

Policy on Repeating Courses

All HA students must maintain a minimum major (HA) GPA of 2.25 with no grade below a "C". Students are allowed to repeat each HA course once, and only once, in order to improve their major (HA) GPA or their grade in a particular course. A student having repeated a course and still not achieving a minimum grade of "C", will not be allowed to continue as a health administration major, therefore, students needing to repeat courses are encouraged to seek assistance from the instructor or a chair-appointed mentor.

HA 4141 - Exit Exam (Not offered in summer)

All healthcare administration majors are required to pass an HA exit exam during the final semester of coursework. You will take the exit exam at the completion of HA 4141. Questions for the exam will be taken from all the healthcare administration (HA) courses so students are encouraged to save all course material (textbooks, syllabi, class notes, etc.) to use in preparing for the exam. Keep in mind the HA Repeat Policy when taking HA 4141.


Pay close attention to your sequence sheet and schedule of classes. Some courses are offered fall and spring.  Summer courses are offered based on student need, availability of faculty and summer budget.  You should plan your schedule for fall and spring.