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Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

We are excited to let you know about the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) approved for Fall 2019!

You Should Consider this Degree If…

  • You are interested in working surrounding health services.  The Census Bureau estimates job growth in the health services sector will be greater than 20% over the next 10 years. 
  • You are considering graduate education in a clinical discipline of any type (pre-professional).  The degree allows you the flexibility to select courses for that future clinical or non-clinical journey.
  • You are interested in studying health sciences but desire the flexibility not available through specific programs.  The entire program is tailored to accommodate health-related topics that are relevant and interesting to you while well-rounded for potential employers.

Degree and graduation requirements:

The program requires completion of 120 semester credit hours including the general education core curriculum (42 hours plus a 1-hour University Seminar course), major hours (34 hours), support (12 hours), electives (14 hours), and a self-selected minor (18 hours). The minimum grade-point average for graduation follows Texas State University policy which requires a Texas State GPA of 2.00, a GPA of 2.25 in the major, and a GPA of 2.00 in the minor.  The courses for the major, support, and elective hours are included below. 

Major Hours.  

US1100 Univ Seminar; CIS1308 Comp. Literacy or CIS1323 Microcomp Apps, ECO2301 Princ of Econ or ECO2314 Princ of Macroecon, HIM2360 Med Term, HA3308 HC Org, HA3324 Supervisory Mgt, HP3325 HC Statistics or equivalent, HS3374 Princ of Accounting, HS4327 Legal Concepts in HC, HS4379 Fin Mgt for HS, NUTR2360 Nutrition Science, PSY3300 Lifespan Development.

Support Courses (Choose 12 Hours).  

BIO1331 Org Biology, BIO2430 Physiology & Anatomy, BIO2400 Microbio or BIO2440 Princ of Microbio, BIO2451 A&P I, BIO2452 A&P II, CHEM1342 Gen Chem II, CHEM2330 Fund of Org Chem, CHEM2341 Org Chem I, CHEM2342 Org Chem II, PHYS1310 Elem Physics I, PHYS1320 Elem Physics II, PHYS1315 Gen Physics I, PHYS1325 Gen Physics II

Electives (Choose 14 Hours). 

AT3358 Clin Pathopharm, BIO1130 Funct Bio Lab, BIO1131 Org Bio Lab, CIS Intro to Comm Disorders, CHEM1141 / 1142 Gen Chem Lab I / II, CHEM2130 Lab Tech for Org Chem, CHEM2141 / 2142 Org Chem Lab I / II, COMM4326 Hlth Comm, ESS3117 Exer Phys Lab, ESS3317 Exer Phys, HA3344 Patient Care Mgt & QI, HA4305 Hlth Services Marketing, HA4322 Public Hlth, HA4440  Internship, HIM 3311Hlth Informatics, MC 4322Hlth Comm Campaigns, MKT3343 Princ of Marketing, NURS3302 Research & Ethics NUTR1362 Food Systems, NUTR 3364Nut &  Exer, PFW1301 Social / Beh Dim of Phys Fitness & Wellness, PH1310 Foun of Personal Hlth, PH1320 Intro to Public Hlth, PH2340 Community Hlth, PH3301 Env Hlth, PH3348 Prev of Disease, PH3350 Consumer Hlth, PH 4336 Hlth Behavior Theory, PHYS 1110 Elem Physics Lab, PHYS 1115 / 1125 Gen Physics Lab I / II, PSY 3361 Hlth Psych, RC 2213, Intro to Resp Care, SOCI 3300 Princ of Soc, SOCI3329 Life Course Soc, SOCI3363 Medical Soc: Hlth & Illness Behavior, SOCI3383 Aging & Society, SOCI3384 Soc of Death & Dying

Interested?  Contact your advisor or Dr. Larry Fulton (Encino 351, to discuss in person.