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Faculty Activities

2017 CSM Texas State University PT Alumni Reception

Thank you to those who attended the alumni reception last night.  We are proud to announce that the campaign is live! 

The Dr. Barbara Melzer Scholarship was established in honor of Dr. Melzer's commitment to excellence in clinical education. Dr. Melzer was an active member of the physical therapy profession at the local, state, and national levels for 38 years. During her 25 years at Texas State she served as Professor, and the Director of Clinical Education, and represented the College of Health Professions on the Faculty Senate. She won the Texas State University Presidential Award for Service multiple times.

This scholarship highlights her love and passion for the profession and her students' clinical education experiences. We hope to be able to expand the number of students we can support during their clinical education through this fundraising campaign. With your help we aim to raise $3,000 to assist our students with their clinical education experiences.

Please consider making a donation to support and honor the legacy of Dr. Barbara Melzer! Your contribution will help to ensure and support the clinical education experiences of our physical therapy students. We ask that you help us spread the word by sharing this campaign page with your individual network through social media, emails, texts, and calls. We appreciate your support!

Thank you for contributing!



Last week, Jennifer L. Hale, P.T., D.P.T., N.C.S., Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, Program Director, Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program, Texas State University, participated in the Physical Therapy Faculty Program at the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF), a pilot “train the trainer” program designed to improve physical therapy care in Parkinson’s disease.


During the four-day course, physical therapy educators immersed themselves in learning about the latest evidence-based findings in Parkinson’s research and care so they can, in turn, educate physical therapy students. By bringing this knowledge back to their students, our future practitioners, physical therapy educators can make a great impact on the lives of people living with Parkinson’s disease.


Dr. Barbara Sanders Received the University of Kentucky Alumni Association Distinguished Service award. The purpose is to recognize a select number of alumni and friends who have demonstrated a history of diligent work for the University of Kentucky, which may be in support of the UK Alumni Association and/or other colleges and units of the university.  It also serves to recognize individuals who have contributed to the accomplishments of the University of Kentucky, provided leadership and dedication to the university and association programs, and provided meaningful service to alumni and friends of the university as well as to their communities and professions.  Each year several awards are presented to alumni members of the UK Alumni Association.  There are a total of 247 honorees at this time. 


Barbara Sanders, Professor of Physical Therapy and Associate Dean of the College of Health Professions, Texas State University, lives in Austin, Texas.  Dr. Sanders received her physical therapy education at the University of Kentucky and completed her doctoral work at the University of Texas.  At Texas State for over 30 years, she has had responsibility for development of the curriculum for entry level education for physical therapists at the baccalaureate, masters and the doctorate level.  Prior to her appointment at Texas State, Sanders served as Director of Clinical Education at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and on the faculty at the University of Kentucky.   Dr. Sanders has been an active participant in Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) serving as a site visitor and team leader for over 10 years.  She has been a consultant in education and evaluation of foreign educated physical therapists.


Dr. Sanders has been active in a number of professional organizations including serving on the Board of Trustees of CGFNS International, President of the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy, an active member of the AAOSM, ICCUS, and the APTA and state chapters.   As a member of APTA, Sanders has served in leadership positions at the local, chapter, section and national level. She currently serves as a member of the Texas State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners.    A board certified specialist in sports, Sanders has been in clinical practice in Kentucky, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Tennessee and Texas; in acute care, rehabilitation, home health, long term care, outpatient orthopaedics and sports.  She was recognized in 2010 with designation as a Catherine Worthingham Fellow of the APTA.


Dr. Sanders is a K Club member, a President’s Society Fellow, a Wildcat Society member and a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council for the College of Health Sciences and an active board member of the UK Alumni Association for the past 5 years.  She and her husband were instrumental in establishing the Central Texas Alumni Club Chapter. Her daughter, Whitney, son-in-law, Josh Duddey and husband, Michael, hold degrees from the University of Kentucky.  Her friends and colleagues know that her blood is “BLUE.”



Wainner Guest at Israel Physiotherapy Society

Dr. Robert Wainner was invited by the Israeli Physiotherapy Society to provide the keynote address entitled "Clinical Excellence" at their annual convention in May 2009. In addition, Dr. Wainner provided several workshops and lectures dealing with the hip and cervical spine and presented the results of his most recent publication relating to randomized clinical trial of manual physical therapy and exercise for patients with neck pain (Spine, 2008;33 (22):2371-2378). The other guest speaker from the US was Dr. Stuart Binder-MacLeod who presented on the educational aspects of first professional physical therapy programs in the country of Israel. The Israeli Physiotherapy Society has been a member of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy since 1956. Of course, no trip to the Middle East would be complete without a camel ride - so Dr. Wainner made sure he accomplished this and many other things. He was accompanied by his son Joshua on the trip.



Texas State Faculty and Graduates Achieve Board Specialization Status

Congratulations to the five new clinical specialists - Bassima Hammonds, Jessica Poteet, Shanan Richard, Brandi Smith and Ryan Stukel.  They join faculty and other graduates in accomplishing this recognition.
    A number of graduates have achieved board certified specialist status in orthopaedics, pediatrics and sports.Jeff Cowan and Matt Parker were recognized at CSM in Nashville in 2008. Michael Benson, Brent Dunbar, Arthur Hastings, Stacy Yount, Benjamin Keene, Toko Nguyen, and James Harris were recognized in Boston in 2007 at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting. They join a number of other graduates in this accomplishment -  Steve Edwards, Ben Keene, Julie Mankinen, David Penn, and Steven Vinson. Terri Flynn is a Certified Pediatric Specialist. Certified as Sports Specialists - Kevin McHorse and Catherine Ondrusek. If we have missed anyone, let us know. This is a major clinical achievement - recognition of master clinician status through a volunteer route which requires demonstration of advanced clinical competence in the practice area as well as competence in critical inquiry, education and administration. Congratulations!
    We are proud to have on our faculty these board certified specialists -  Rob Wainner, PT, PhD, OCS, ECS; Suzanne Dougherty, PT, MSPT, SCS, ATC; Barbara Sanders, PT, PhD, SCS, Jason Hardage, PT, DScPT, NCS, and Mary Elizabeth Parker,PT,  MSPT, PCS.

Local SWAN Chapter developed with assistance of Mary Elizabeth Parker

Syndromes Without a Name (SWAN) is an organization that offers support to families of children with undiagnosed or rare medical conditions.  Founded in 2008 by Texas State University-San Marocs alumnae Jennifer McKay of Austin and Hether Long of Cedar Park and the assistance of Mary Elizabeth Parker, an assistant professor in the Department of Physical Therapy, the local chapter of SWAN is a non-profit organization.  The international parent organization was founded in the United Kingdom and Australia. 

McKay became involved through personal experience.  Her son died just a month after his first birthday, suffering from an undiagnosed syndrome that began at three months of age.  In looking for support, McKay found little but found out about SWAN USA on the internet.  She joined the board of SWAN USA and with the assistance of Long and Parker they started the local chapter.  The first meeting was June 2008 and has been growing ever since. 

Parker became involved through her work in physical therapy and the many experiences that she had with children with undiagnosed illness.  Actively studying this issue, she is working on undaignosed syndromes as part of her PhD dissertation.  Long lost her son after three long years with no diagnosis at the age of 5. She was frustrated with the medical establishment's lack of urgency in diagnosis.

The ultimate goal of SWAN is to assist families in getting a correct diagnosis and proper treatment.  By pooling resources, families who have been through the experience can offer resources and emotional support.

The local SWAN chapter meets once a month and maintains a Yahoo Group to facilitate contact among members.  For more information, visit

Congratulations Dr. Spivey!

Dr. Steve Spivey

Steve Spivey graduated in December 2009 from Hardin-Simmons University after completing his DPT degree. The degree is a joint effort between Hardin-Simmons University and Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. Congratulations Steve!

Dr. Denise Gobert on KVUE Healthvue

The Department of Physical Therapy would like to recognize one of its very own faculty members.

Dr. Denise Gobert, Assistant Professor at Texas State Department of Physical Therapy and Speaker of the Assembly for the Texas Physical Therapy Association, was featured on KVUE Healthvue on February 19, 2011 discussing Access to Physical Therapy for Patients. Congratulations, Dr. Denise Gobert!


CPR Training for Faculty

CPR Faculty Training

Jason Hardage, Mary Elizabeth Parker, and Karen Gibbs recertified in CPT under the guidance of their instructor and guest David Gibbs.  Faculty just like students keep their skills sharp.

Barbara Sanders, PT, PhD, SCS, FAPTA named Catherine Worthington Fellow of the APTA

The American Physical Therapy Association established the Catherine Worthingham Fellows of the Association to recognize "those persons whose work, like the distinguished woman honored, has resulted in lasting and significant advances in the science, education, and practice of the profession of physical therapy". Catherine Worthingham (deceased) was an assistant professor and director of physical therapy at Stanford University and director of professional education at the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (now the National Foundation). She served as President of the APTA from 1940-1944 as well as on the APTA Board of Directors, 1932-1934, 1938-1940, 1962-1965. Dr. Worthingham was the first physical therapist to earn a doctorate. She was an exemplary leader in physical therapy education, science and practice for more than 50 years.

Dr. Barbara Sanders


Dr. Barbara Sanders was recognized as an APTA Catherine Worthingham Fellow at the 2010 APTA Honors and Awards Recognition on June 17, 2010. She has worked throughout her career as an advocate for physical therapist education in particular the improvement of the delivery of entry-level physical therapist education. Dr. Sanders developed a mock clinic at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and was one of the first PT professionals to present and publish about this unique approach to clinical education. Later Dr. Sanders transitioned the PT program at Texas State from a baccalaureate program to a master’s and then to the doctorate of physical therapy. During this period, Dr. Sanders developed a faculty dedicated not only to the didactic education of students but also to instilling the professional responsibility of being part of the PT profession. An expert in sports physical therapy, Dr. Sanders presently serves as chair of the Department of Physical Therapy at Texas State University as well as associate dean of the College of Health Professions. An active member of both the Sports Physical Therapy Section and the Education Section she is a leader in the Academic Administrators Special Interest Group (AASIG) and has been instrumental in developing a proposal for the transition of the AASIG to the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy.


Eric Robertson - Keynote Speaker at AAOMPT

Dr. Eric Robertson was one of several keynote speakers at the Annual Meeting of AAOMPT held in October in Anaheim, CA at the Disneyworld Hotel.  Erics presentation was titled "Architecture of a New Healthcare Civilization".  It was about how technology is chanigng the framework for how we give and recieve healthcare.  The focus was on mobile healthcare delivery.  Eric also participated in several breakout sessions related to mobile care provision as well as evidence based practice.  Dr. Rob Wainner also attended the AAOMPT conference.