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Updates on Class of 2011

DPT II Students Participate in Health Check


The DPT II Students participated in the CTMC Community Health Fair and Screening event held at Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center on April 22, 2010. Under the supervision of Ms. Baylor and Dr. Sanders, the students conducted a series of Fall Risk Assessments. It was a community service and lots of fun. Thanks to the class for participating in this valuable activity!

(Updated: 06-12-2015)

Small Team of DPT Students Successful in PT Olympics

A small team of the first year DPT students competed in the PT Olympics sponsored by the University of Texas Health Science Center Physical Therapy students, held in San Antonio in early April. Overall, they had lots of fun playing sports and representing Texas State. The various teams placed 2nd in the Wheelchair obstacle course, 2nd in the Tug of War, and 2nd in Flag Football. The Volleyball and Dodgeball teams played hard and had fun.




Russll MacGregor, BSc(Hons), PhD visits from Scotland


Dr. MacGregor recently spent several days with students in the DPT program.  He has been using massage since the 1950's and recently had an opportunity to continue his education and complete his PhD in Neurophysiology at Galsgow University.  Building on his lifelong work in massage, he has spent time researching the effects of massage for adolescents who have cerebral palsy.  This includes devising a specific, repeatable, timed sequence of massage strokes which alters the resting state of the muscle while avoiding stretch reflex responses which in turn results in better feedback from muscle to CNS, leading to improved motor function.  Dr. MacGregor's son Lain is a member of the first DPT class and was proud to introduce his father to his colleagues.  Dr. MacGregor intends to spend his remaining working years sharing this research and recruiting physical therapists who are prepared to include this in their treatments and record their results for combining with a larger study. 



DPT Students visit Dell Children's Hospital



On March 12th, the first year DPT students along with Mary Elizabeth Parker and Barbara Sanders, visited Dell Children's Hospital for a tour.  They were guided by Chris Scott, the Rehabilitation Director.  You can see from the pictures that you can send a child to college but cannot take away the inner child.  Thanks for all the support we receive from the clinical staff at Dell.




Texas PT Olympics in San Antonio, March 26-27, 2010


On March 26th and 27th, 44 Texas State Physical Therapy students headed down to San Antonio for the Texas Physical Therapy Olympics hosted annually by the Physical Therapy Department at UTHSCSA. Texas State students participated in all events with several teams, having top 4 finishes. The wheelchair obstacle course team had two veterans and two rookies and placed 3rd. The students ended the games with a 1st place victory in flag football to bring Texas State to 4th place overall. All students and fans had a great weekend full of fun and some healthy competition and look forward to participating in future Texas Physical Therapy Olympics.

Texas State PT Students in China

Students in China

From May 17-29, 2010, three Texas State Physical Therapy students traveled to Hengyang, China for a two-week mission trip to a center for abandoned disabled children.  They were part of a team with ten undergraduate Texas State students, a nurse, and a physical therapist.  The group spent six hours a day playing and caring for the children.  The therapy team implemented therapy techniques into playtime with the children and assisted Michele Harris, the PT and a Texas State PT grad, in adjusting the seating technology for the children at the center. International China Concern (ICC), a Christian organization dedicated to providing compassionate care for the children, operates the center.  The center houses 135 people of all ages from infants to adults.  ICC is fortunate to have several long-term missionaries including two nurses from Australia, an occupational therapist from Germany, and a physiotherapist from the UK.  The center has employed local Chinese people to care for the kids.  They maintain a strict 10:3 child to caregiver ratio in order to keep up the quality of care and amount of attention they can provide for the kids.  Some of the local Chinese employees have been trained by the long-term PT to provide daily physical therapy for the children.  Because the team raised more than was necessary to fund this trip, they donated enough funds to ICC in Hengyang to cover the rest of the physical therapy budget for the year.  Texas State is proud of Megan Legault, David Middaugh, and Jessica Wells.  

Picture in the photo on the left, Megan (orange horns shirt) David (in the back), Jessica (middle front) and Michele (in dark shirt by Jessica on the right).

Third Year Students Back on Campus - Preparing for May Graduation

The third year students are on campus for a few weeks prior to May 14th graduation.  As part of the Special Issues Course, they have many opportunities for learning and fun.  One of the opportunities was to learn the basics of kinesiotaping.  Thanks to Dr. Mikala Ratliff for taking time and spending the afternoon to demonstrate the many applications and benefits!


Another learning opportunity was a trip to the Center for the Intrepid.  The students were provided with a guided tour by Dr. Becky Hooper and accompanied by Dr. Denise Gobert.

Intrepid group

Graduation Poem

This poem was written by one of our 2009 graduates, Vanessa De La Rosa,
to all of her classmates and faculty:

We all came together in June of 08,
And 3 years later we are ready to graduate
We loved each other, we annoyed each other, and had many good laughs
Yes I think we all agree that we are one awesome class
Our Golds kept us organized; our Oranges brought all the fun
Our Greens had all the answers and our Blues gave us hugs when we needed one

When we needed help the most, the faculty was there
Over the years they have taught us lessons, a few I will share:

Suzy loved to ask about any news we had
We also learned a lot about her unending love for cats

Research and stats Kruskal wallis, t-test, and chi-square
Are all confusing things we learned from Dr. Denise Gobert

Love your hands and motion is lotion is what Dr. Boucher preached
And Dr. Hardage helped us choose how to treat, treat and refer, or refer and don't treat

Dr. Spivey took us on many fun field trips
And Heather taught us to always cover our patient's goody-bits

The smell of warm tortillas will never be the same,
Thanks to Dr. Gibbs and wound care class, I think they take the blame

The inspiration videos are a signature Dr. Wainner,
And how could we forget the filp charts we used with Debbie Baylor

Dr. Robertson is our high tech guy who connected the internet to PT
And Shannon's devotion to the clinic was appreciated sincerely

Dr. Greathouse was great, I guess that's why it's in his name
Anatomy was never easy, and he made us really use our brains

Pediatric reflexes and developmental delay
Are things Mary Elizabeth taught us, though we confuse them to this day

Dr. Melzer showed us our true colors and made our rotations worthwhile,
And no matter how frustrating it got, she did it with a smile

Dr. Sanders supported us each and every step of the way,
She was always very professional and we never saw her irate

Yes, we've learned some things and in this journey grew pretty close,
Especially with practicing soft tissue massage, pelvic floor, and the femoral pulse
The biggest lesson we learned is that we couldn't do it ourselves and we needed help from people very close,
So the ones we really need to thank are our loved ones who supported us the most"