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Class Of 2019

Texas State PT students "Sprinkle Kindness" in memory of a lost friend and to honor her selfless gift of organ donation.

In memory of Angela Marie Guest, the DPT students at Texas State University hosted a cupcake party.  On July 31, 2016, Angela would have celebrated her 25th birthday, so students got together to raise awareness for organ donation and “sprinkle kindness” on those around them. Angela Guest was 19 years old when she unexpectedly passed away as a result of a brain bleed in March of 2011.  The Guest family worked with the medical team at St. David’s Medical Center of Austin, TX to fulfill Angela’s wishes to become an organ donor for those in need.  Since Angela lived her life with a fierce passion for sharing joy and serving others, her decision to become an organ donor at age 19 was not much of a surprise.  Angela was able to donate eight organs including: right kidney, left kidney, pancreas, right lung, left lung, small bowel, liver, and heart.  All eight of these organs were used to save the lives of seven other patients ranging from two years to sixty years of age.  Angela was also featured on the Donate Life float in the Tournament of Roses parade in January of 2016.  Angela’s legacy and cheerful spirit continues to touch people of all ages.  In addition to photography and sports, one of Angela’s favorite hobbies was baking.  She loved to bake cupcakes and share them with her friends and family.  Each year, Angela’s friends and family bake cupcakes and find creative ways to “sprinkle kindness” in her memory and to raise awareness for organ donation.