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Pre-Physical Therapy Student Organization



The purpose of the Pre-Physical Therapy Organization (PPTO) is to educate students about current issues surrounding the Physical Therapy field and to provide an outlet of information to students who are interested in physical therapy graduate programs at Texas State or elsewhere!

PPTO also helps students find volunteer or observation opportunities that will help to familiarize them with PT and may also count for community service/awareness hours.

PPTO offers:

  • Guest lecturers from Physical Therapy schools in the state
  • Informational sessions from PTs within various specialties
  • Advice on classes and professors
  • Fundraising and community service efforts
  • Scholarship opportunities and information
  • Networking within organization for employment
  • Efficient access to graduate application materials
  • Opportunities for clinical observation and volunteer work
  • Mentor program for underclassmen or new transfer students


PPTO meetings are held every other Wednesday during the Fall/Spring semesters from 6:30pm-7:30pm at LOCATION TO BE DETERMINED, we will send out an email once the location is established.


DUES: $20/semester or $30/year to cover the following costs:

  • PPTO t-shirt
  • Discounts at social events
  • Snacks for meetings
  • Organization functions within the academic year



Visit our PPTO Facebook Group page for updated information.

Instagram: @txstateppto

Twitter: @txstateppto

Snapchat: txstateppto 

2018 - 2019 Officers



Stay Connected

Q's or comments?  Contact the PPTO Officers and check the PPTO bulletin board in Jowers!

We will post announcements through TRACS, Facebook, and flyers on our PPTO Bulletin Board in Jowers and around campus during the Fall & Spring Semesters!  

If you need to add the "Pre-PTOrg" tab to your TRACS site, please send a request via email to the PPTO President, Jacqueline Rosas at:


Get your updates on FACEBOOK:

(You will need to verify your TXSTATE e-mail address through the Facebook TXST Groups)