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Specialization Internships

Although students are educated as a generalist in the BSRC curriculum, there are many subspecialty areas in the Respiratory Care profession. Students will rotate through various clinical experiences including general medical/surgical units, neonatal intensive care units, pediatric intensive care units, adult surgical critical care units, adult medical critical care units, transplant intensive care units, pulmonary function diagnostics, polysomnography/sleep lab diagnostics, and other specialty areas.  During the senior year, students are given the opportunity to choose a specialty area of particular interest to complete an internship clinical rotation. Specialty internships often open doors of future employment directly following graduation and students are encouraged to take note of the clinical areas that peak their interest as a possible internship option.  The student's demonstration of professionalism in the clinical setting plays a major role in a healthcare facility's decision to extend a job opportunity to him/her following graduation.

Other creative non-traditional internships that some students have completed include hyperbaric medicine, case management, home-care, management, education, biomedical research, international studies, and organ procurement/donation.  Creativity of internship interest is encouraged as students complete their clinical studies.