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BSRC Degree Plan Info--Pre RC

 Beginning Fall 2014, all general education and pre-requisite courses should be taken the first two years with application to the BSRC Program during the Spring of the Sophomore year.  Academic advising will be provided the the College of Health Professions Academic Advising Office (512.245.3506) in the Health Professions Building, Room 207.  The following course sequence serves as a guide for chosing the Pre-RC courses in a suggeste sequence:


2+2 BSRC Curriculum (120 hr BSRC)

Recommended Course Sequence






US 1100           University Seminar

ENG 1310         College Writing I

POSI 2310        Principles of American Government

3 hours             Social/Behavior Science                       

                                 PSY 1300 or SOC 1310   

BIO 1330          Functional Biology (Pre-req to BIO 2440)

3 hours             2313-Introduction to Fine Arts from

16 hours           ART,DAN,MU, or TH



BIO 2430          Human Physiology & Anatomy

ENG 1320         College Writing II

COMM 1310     Fundamentals of Human Communication

HIST 1310        History of US to 1877

MATH 1315      College Algebra

16 hours




FALL               Pre-Professional/Pre-RC Year

HIST 1320        History of US 1877 to Date

HIM 2360          Medical Terminology

3 hours             Eng. Literature from ENG 2310, 2320, 2330, 2340, 2359, 2360

3 hours             Philosophy  PHIL 1305 or PHIL 1320

CHEM 1341      General Chemistry I

15 hours



POSI 2320        Functions of American Government

4 hours              Microbiology   BIO 2440 or BIO 2400    

3 hours             STATS  from HP 3302, SOC 3307, PSY 3301, CJ 3347, OR MATH 2328

PHYS 1310       Elementary Physics

13 hours


RC 2213           Introduction to Respiratory Care       (elective)

 *Foreign Language       2 semester courses

 *If two years of same foreign language taken in high school then exempt from foreign language requirement