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The Respiratory Care Foundation of Texas

The Respiratory Care Foundation of Texas (RCFT) is proud to announce that educational grants for the year 2017 are available for respiratory care students in Texas. The criteria for the Academic grants are as follows:

Requirements for Academic Grants
1. A GPA of 3.0 or higher
2. An official transcript verifying GPA and current enrollment
3. A letter of recommendation from the Program Director
4. Submission of an original paper on some aspect of respiratory care
5. Membership in either the TSRC or the AARC

The deadline for submitting applications for grants is April 15. The grants will be awarded at the Texas Society for Respiratory Care Annual Meeting.

Applications can be mailed to:

Bill Young
318 Pinion Drive
Amarillo, Texas 79118

Sam W. Marshall Respiratory Care Scholarship

Sam W. Marshall was a believer in education. Receiving his BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana Polytechnical Institute in 1956, he began working for Alcoa Aluminum Company in Rockdale, Texas. Serving at various Alcoa operations sites in Texas, Indiana and Washington, he assisted those with educational needs by tutoring engineering students and co-op students, working with adult learners completing their GED, and was instrumental in helping to establish the Washington State University branch campus in Vancouver, Washington. This branch of WSU focused on a master’s degree in Engineering Management and to demonstrate his commitment to higher education, he accepted the encouragement and challenge by the university committee to enroll in the masters program himself. At the age of 62, he received his Master of Science in Engineering Management degree from WSU.

At the age of 73 following a brief illness, he died of pancreatic cancer. He is survived by his son, Dr. Gregg Marshall, Chair and Professor at Texas State, and his daughter, Melissa M. Smith, a former art department chair at a fine arts high school in Hartford, Connecticut now residing in Santa Fe, NM.

Sam W. Marshall Respiratory Care Scholarship Requirements:

  1. Junior or Seniors* in RC Program
  2. Overall GPA of 3.0
  3. RC GPA of 3.25
  4. Completed at least 18 hours at Texas State
  5. Financial need based

Amount Available:  $500 scholarship for summer tuition for juniors. Senior awards are to cover costs of NBRC Board Exams.


Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships through the Bobcat Online Scholarship System (BOSS) and also view opportunities with their respective departments or colleges.

An e-mail invitation will be sent when the system is active.


Coalition for Baccaulareate & Graduate Respiratory Therapy Education (CoBGRTE)  SCHOLARSHIP

CoBGRTE is a nationally-based organization that supports the advancement of Respiratory Care education at the bachelor's and graduate degree level.  Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships annually and are eligible for awarded scholarship multiple times.

Please check out

Scholarships and grants are available to RC students from state and national sources.

Texas Society for Respiratory Care
American Respiratory Care Foundation

        The Lambda Beta Society - Awards


Gerald K. Dolan Memorial Scholarship

Gerald Dolan was a dedicated respiratory care educator, mentor, and leader in our profession. In his memory, a new scholarship was recently presented to a student enrolled in a baccalaureate or masters level program in respiratory care. Once again this scholarship will be given to a worthy student.

AMP Scholarship, Lambda Beta Scholarship, Thomas and Kim Hill Scholarship

These awards are open to students enrolled in an approved, entry level or an approved, advanced level respiratory care program based at a community college, technical college, college, or university.

Deshpande-Pilbeam Media Award

In its third year, this award is presented in the merits of an original, independent media presentation relevant to respiratory care and must comply with the application requirements and deadline.


For applications and deadlines see link below under WHAT'S NEW Scholarships/Awards Program.


St. David's Foundation Scholarship

Each year the St. David’s Medical Center Healthcare Volunteers award scholarships to students pursuing a degree in fields related directly or indirectly to the delivery of medical services.

Scholarships are awarded to students attending a Texas college or university and who are either upper division students (both undergraduate and graduate, with a minimum of 60 hours of college credit) or associate degree students. The awarded scholarships are for the Fall and Spring semesters only and are $2,500 per semester or $1,000 per semester for associate students.

Application Deadline is February 15.

Amount average:  $5000

Available average:  20