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Past Meetings

WELCOME Respiratory Care Students!

Howdy to all the new and old member of RCSA!  Well it is a new semester and time to get to know all of the new people in our Respiratory family!  It is also time to get involved and learn more about what we are going to be doing for a living.  There are so many ways that we can help out the community and help societies to raise money for a good cause! Please don’t be afraid to email any of the officers if you have questions, thoughts, comments or if you are net working and want to get to know others in our major!  Getting to know the people in your major can sometimes be handy!


RCSA Dues: $10 is due by the end of the semester to be a member in good standing with 3 meetings and an event.  Dues must be paid with either cash or money order only. (NO CHECKS)


If you have any questions about RCSA or Respiratory Care in general, you can email any one of the RCSA officers.