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Professional Credits

Professional Credits (PCs) are required each semester as part of all clinical course requirements. The Professional Credit Link below lists all the clinical courses and the PCs required for each. There are many activities that will earn PCs...and the EASIEST way to earn them is to be a member of RCSA!! For example, just for joining RCSA and paying dues, you earn 5 PCs. For remaining a RCSA member and attending 3 meetings and serving on 1 project, you earn 8 PCs per year. RCSA  service projects earn 1 PC per hour of service.  RCSA community service projects earn 2 PC per hour of service.
Also, if you join the Texas Society for Respiratory Care state RC society as a student ($20), you will earn 8 PCS on semester joined --. If you join the American Association for Respiratory Care as a student ($50), you will earn 8 PCs on semester joined.
Take a look at the list of Professional Credits and remember....if you know about a respiratory related event like the Asthma Walk or serving as a camp counselor for an asthma camp, you can earn credits as well. Just talk to Mr. Nick Henry, Assistant Professor, for more details on earning PCs not shown on the list.

TSRC applic (PDF, 45 KB)
AARC Applic (PDF, 123 KB)