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Required Textbooks

These textbooks are used for more than one course and would only need to be purchased once
for use throughout the entire program enrollment. Students are advised to retain all textbooks for
certification review purposes.


Directed Clinical Courses   Portal Design in Radiation Therapy - 2nd Edition
    Dasher ISBN: 09427516
RTT 3300 - Patient Care  

Principles and Practice of Radiation Therapy

4th Ed. (2015)

    Washington/Leaver ISBN-13 : 978-0323287524
RTT 3301- Intro. R.T.   Principles and Practice of Radiation Therapy, 4th Ed. (2015)
    Washington/Leaver ISBN-13: 978-0323287524
RTT 3302 - Rad Science   Rad Science for Technologists: Physics, Biology, Protection 9th ed
    Bushong ISBN: 978-323-04837-8
    And Course Pack
RTT 3310 - Physics of RT 1     Radiation Therapy Physics 3rd ed
    Hendee ISBN: 047139493
RTT 3350-   Basic Clinical Radiogiology
Radiobiology   Joiner & Vander Kogel  ISBN: 978-0-340-92966-7
    and Course Pack
RTT 4310 - Physics of   Radiation Therapy Physics  3rd Edition
RT 2   Hendee  ISBN: 0471394939
RTT 4360 - Dosimetry 1   Treatment of Planning in Radiation Oncology 3rd
RTT 4361 - Dosimetry 2   Edition
    Khan/Gerbi ISBN-10: 1608314316 and ISBN-13:
RTT 4370- Clin.    
Rad.Onc 1     Principles and Practice of Radiation Therapy, 4th Ed. 
RTT 4371 - Clin. Rad.Onc 2    Washington/Leaver ISBN: 9780323287524