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Study Abroad

College of Health Professions Study Abroad

We’re continuing to expand the CHP Study Abroad program to continue to offer an international experience for our graduates. In 2017-2018 students from Clinical Laboratory Science, Communication Disorders, Health Information Management, Healthcare Administration, Nursing, Physical Therapy and Respiratory Care studied abroad. Your donation will support these life-changing study abroad opportunities.

Step Up For State-PT 2018

2017-2018 Studies Abroad

Clinical Laboratory Science: Five CLS seniors completed a 12-day service-learning trip in June of 2018 with the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children in Huancayo, Peru.  They observed the healthcare delivery system and laboratory services in a Peruvian hospital and private labs and conducted Community Health Screening and Education through Laboratory Science workshops with families in rural Peru.
Step Up For State-CLS 2018

Communication Disorders: In the summer of 2018, 14 students traveled to Lima and Cusco to study multiculturalism in speech language pathology and to learn how treatment is provided in Peru and Latin America.
Step Up For State-2018 CDIS
Healthcare Administration:  HA faculty joined a group of students from Texas and Indiana that visited Stockholm, Sweden in May 2018. Sweden, according to The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), has the best healthcare system in the world.
Step Up For State-HA 2018
Health Information Management:  One HIM student participated in a 6-week International Study Program in Hannover, Germany in Summer 2018.  Our student joined students from several countries to study clinical research methods.

Respiratory Care: Students visited Georgetown, Guyana to develop their understanding of global healthcare and experience a multicultural exchange.

2018-2019 Plans

Clinical Laboratory Science: A 12-day service-learning trip is planned for Summer 2019 with the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children in Huancayo, Peru. Students will observe the healthcare delivery system and laboratory services in hospital and private labs. The students will be immersed in the Peruvian culture during their homestay with a local family, cooking classes, and nature hike tours. The students will partner with local physicians and conduct Community Health Screening and Education through Laboratory Science Workshops in rural communities that have little access to healthcare services.

Communication Disorders: CDIS students will spend two weeks of Summer 2019 in Peru, including time in Lima and Machu Picchu. They will study the history of written language and the contemporary speech-language-hearing services available to people in Peru.

Health Information Management: HIM students will continue the robust international student and faculty exchange with Hochschule Hannover with a goal to increase the number of students going to Germany in 2019.

Healthcare Administration:  HA students will be visiting Berlin, Germany May 20-24, 2019. Students will have opportunities to develop cross-cultural competencies as they explore questions such as, how does Germany effectively and efficiently use health insurance to provide healthcare to its citizens?

Physical Therapy has invited students from all health professions majors to participate in a 10-day interprofessional, service learning, study abroad program in Atenas, Costa Rica. Students will learn Medical Spanish and Costa Rican Healthcare and Wellness. They will visit local healthcare facilities including nursing homes and outpatient clinics to practice their Medical Spanish; visit and tour Universidad Latina de Costa Rica’s Health Science Center; and participate in local cultural activities including hiking a volcano, visiting the local farmer’s market, and taking a cooking class.

Respiratory Care: Students will return to Georgetown, Guyana to develop their understanding of global healthcare, promote the importance of the study abroad mission, while promoting the care of the asthma and pulmonary patient. Students will be able to utilize their skills while educating and respecting a new culture.

How You Can Help

The need for private support of Study Abroad programming is greater than ever as we look to further the mission and goals of the College of Health Professions.  Your support will make a difference and will help us to ensure that tomorrow's leaders in healthcare are receiving the very best education today at Texas State University.  Join us today to invest in our future.

Every gift makes a difference, no matter the size. Step Up For State and help make a positive difference in the lives of all current and future Bobcats. Please make a donation today to support the College of Health Professions Study Abroad program! You can help us spread the word by sharing this campaign page with others who might find it of interest.

We appreciate your consideration. 

Timelapse of clinic at Nicaragua