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Undergraduate Degree Programs

BSRT, major in Radiation Therapy and Degree Plan Information


The radiation therapist is a key member of the professional team, which uses various forms of radiation to treat cancer patients. Radiation therapy may be used alone, or in combination with surgery or chemotherapy, and is the treatment of choice for cure of many cancers. Because of sustained contact with patients, the radiation therapist has considerable responsibility in patient care, dietary counseling and treatment evaluation. The radiation therapist must also appreciate the significant psychological impact that cancer has on patients and their families. The program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT). The curriculum complies with the professional curriculum of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

The degree program, Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy with a major in Radiation Therapy, is a two- and one-half year program beginning in the junior year. The junior and senior years combine clinical experiences in the affiliated radiation therapy facilities with advanced academic study in the professional disciplines. The program is designed to prepare students for the technical, theoretical, and psychological aspects of this career. Students acquire the technical skills necessary to plan, deliver, and record a prescribed course of radiotherapy. Upon completion of the degree, students are eligible to apply to the ARRT national registry examination.

Effective Fall 2014

BIO 1320 Modern Biology I   3 hrs
BIO 1421 Modern Biology II   4 hrs
CHEM 1341 General Chemistry I   3 hrs
CHEM 1141 General Chemistry I Lab   1 hr
COMM 1310 Fund. Human Communication   3 hrs
ENG 1310 College Writing I   3 hrs
ENG 1320 College Writing II   3 hrs
ENG LIT (Eng 2310, 2320, 2330, 2340, 2350, or 2360)  3 hrs.
US 1100 University Seminar   1 hrs
HIST 1310 History of US to 1877   3 hrs
HIST 1320 History of US 1877 to Date   3 hrs
PHIL 1305 Philosophy and Critical Thinking   3 hrs
PSY 1300 Intro to Psychology   3 hrs

AT 3358 Patho Pharm   3 hrs.
BIO 2430 Hum A&P  4 hrs.
Fine Arts 2313 (Art 2313, Dan 2313, Mu 2313, or TH 2313)   3 hrs.
HP 3302 Biostatistics for Health Professions    3 hrs
MATH 2417 Pre-Calculus  4 hrs.
POSI 2310 Principles of American Government  3 hrs
POSI 2320 Function of American Government   3 hrs
PHYS 1320 Elementary Physics   3 hrs
PHYS 1110 Elementary Physics Lab   l hr.

RTT 3120 Clinical Sim Lab 1  1 hr.
RTT 3220 Directed Clinic I      2 hrs.
RTT 3221 Directed Clinic II     2 hrs.
RTT 3121 Clinical Sim Lab 2  1 hr.
RTT 3300 Patient Care 3 hrs
RTT 3301 Intro to Radiation Oncology  3 hrs
RTT 3302 Rad. Science   3 hrs
RTT 3310 RTT Physics I   3 hrs
RTT 3314 Crosssectional   3 hrs.
RTT 3350 Radiobiology   3 hrs
RTT 4370 Clinical Radiation Oncology I   3 hrs.

RTT 4120 Clinical Sim Lab 3   1 hr.
RTT 4220 Directed Clinic III  2 hrs.
RTT 4360 Dosimetry I   3 hrs
RTT 4189 RT Lit Scholar & Writing  1 hr

RTT 4121 Clinical Sim Lab 4  1 hr
RTT 4122 Clinical Sim Lab 5  1 hr.
RTT 4190* RTT Prof Issues & Review  1 hr.
*Take if  US 1100 IS needed.
RTT 4290** RTT Review  2 hrs.
**Take is US 1100 is NOT needed.
RTT 4191 Radiation Therapy Seminar  1 hr.
RTT 4221 Directed Clinical Learning IV  2 hrs.
RTT 4222 Directed Clinical Learning V  2 hrs.
RTT 4310 RTT Physics II  3 hrs
RTT 4330 Quality Assurance   3 hrs
RTT 4331 Operational Issues 3   hrs.
RTT 4361 Dosimetry II   3 hrs
RTT 4371 Clinical Radiation Oncology II   3 hrs

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