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Study Abroad

September 21st is the day to STEP UP FOR STATE!

The College of Health Professions needs help to expand the CHP Study Abroad program! We have established programs and new, innovative programs in the works. Your generous donation to Step Up for State CHP campaign will support these life-changing study abroad opportunities:

  •          Communication Disorders:
             Two weeks in
    London and Newcastle, United

    The program theme is “Speech-Language-Hearing Services
             in the United Kingdom: History, Disorders, and Delivery.”
             The program will consider the history of both written and
             spoken language and how culture defines “disorder” and
             “dialect”. More information HERE.
  •          Health Information Management:
             Six weeks in Germany

             In this program students from Germany attend Texas State
             for a full semester and Texas State students spend a
             6-week internship in Hanover.  Under a faculty exchange,
             one Hochschule Hannover faculty member visits Texas
             State each fall and one Texas State faculty member visits
             Hannover in the Summer.
  •          Health Administration:
             One week in Geneva, Switzerland

             Students will visit the World Health Organization
             headquarters where they will learn about how the
             organization is structured and its target priorities for 2017.
             As the course will be directly before the largest gathering
             of global health actors in the world, the World Health
             Assembly, students will be exposed to current debate and
             real-life resolutions.
  •          Interprofessional Education with Clinical Laboratory
            Science, Nursing, and Respiratory Care:
            Two weeks in Managua, Nicaragua

            The students will conduct health histories, perform
            diagnostic laboratory testing, assist in the treatment and
            diagnosis of individuals in our temporary clinic as well as
            nursing homes in areas surrounding the capitol of
            Nicaragua.  The students will gain awareness of the role
            each practitioner plays in the global healthcare team as
            well as cultural sensitivity and healthcare disparity. This is
            the first interprofessional study abroad program in the
            nation to include clinical laboratory science students! More
            information HERE.
  •         Physical Therapy:
            Nine days in Atenas, Costa Rica

            Students live with host families in the local community and
            learn about Costa Rican nutrition, culture, and recreational
            activities while taking courses in in medical Spanish for
            Physical Therapists and Costa Rican culture. The students
            volunteer in retirement communities and physical therapy
            clinics, learn about the differences in the profession
            between the two countries, and interact with Costa Rican
            physical therapy students.

Studies show that study abroad alumni feel these experiences enhance their lives, build valuable skills for the job market, and allowed them to better adapt to diverse work environments. Please support the Texas State College of Health Professions Study Abroad Program by donating to the Step Up for State CHP Campaign. A donation of ANY amount is appreciated!

Timelapse of clinic at Nicaragua

Red Phone Booth

"You won't know until you go" banner and an iconic red phone booth outside the Tate Museum, London, England (CDIS)

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland, England, built by the Romans in 122 AD is the site of the first written word in England (CDIS)

Newcastle Art

Because there is always time for a little fun between lectures, Newcastle University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England (CDIS)

Abbey Road

Abbey Road album by the Beatles. CDIS rendition almost 47 years later.