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Texas State Sleep Center

Welcome to the Texas State Sleep Center

Sleep Center

The Sleep Center at Texas State University is located in Encino Hall Building on the first floor in Room 105. With a mission to serve educational, research, and diagnostic needs, the Texas State Sleep Center serves community residents in the surrounding San Marcos area, students, staff, administration, and faculty. Full accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and Medicare, the Sleep Center s equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and furnishings through the gracious gifts-in-kind from CompuMedics USA, Martech Medical Systems, North Carolina Furniture Direct, The Nautilus Group, Inc., and Phillips/Respironics, Inc.

All sleep studies must be ordered by your primary care physician or a sleep specialist. The sleep study prescription form can be found above. Feel free to download the form above (TxSt Sleep Center Prescription Form) and take to your primary physician. Once your physician faxes the completed request to our office, your insurance will be verified and we will contact you to schedule a sleep study at your convenience. After the sleep study is performed, the study will be scored and interpreted by a sleep specialist. The results of your study will be returned to your primary physician and he/she will contact you for further instructions or treatment, as needed.

Do you think you might be suffering from a sleep disorder?  If you have the following symptoms, you may wish to download a quick test that may help you identify a potential sleeping disorder.  

Common Symptoms of Sleeping Disorders are

• Habitual, loud snoring
• Breathing pauses while asleep
• Fall asleep while driving
• Struggle to stay awake when inactive, such as when watching television or reading
• Difficulty paying attention or concentrating at work, school, or home.
• Performance problems at work or school
• Often told you look sleepy
• Difficulty remembering information
• Slowed responses
• Difficulty controlling emotions
• Need to take naps almost every day
• Morning tiredness and feeling a lack of rest even after sleeping
• Morning headaches

If you have three or more of these symptoms, please click on the Berlin Questionnaire assessment below. Fill it out and take it to your physician with your concerns about a possible sleep disorder.

Texas State Sleep Center Medical Director

Dr. Kalpesh P. Patel, MD, is a board certified specialist in pulmonary critical care and sleep medicine. As Medical Director of the Texas State Sleep Center, he oversees the quality of patient care for all diagnostic procedures and monitors all sleep center policy. Dr. Patel provides AASM-standard interpretation for sleep studies performed in the sleep center and he also serves as a consultant to many primary care physicians. His personal office is located 1500 Dacy Suite 100, Kyle, TX  78640. His office phone is 512-268-9467.

Audrey & Josh

Sleep Lab contact information and address:

Encino Hall
712 N. Comanche, Room 105
San Marcos, Texas 78666

Phone: 512/452-0004 Option 2
FAX: 512/452-4144

Hours of Operation:
7pm-7am Monday-Sunday
7am-5pm Saturdays as needed

TxSt Sleep Center Prescription Form (PDF, 143 KB)

Take this Prescription Form to your physician's office.

Quick Sleep Facts (DOC, 117 KB)

Sleeping All Night video

CantSleep : Can't Sleep? / Sleep Facts and Stats (DOCX, 13 KB)