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Clinical Laboratory Science Program

Revealing the Hidden Profession that Saves Lives!

MLS profession
Texas State CLS alumna and part-time faculty, Callie Camp Wright, MS, MLS (ASCP), MB

REMINDER: The application deadline has passed for the next class which will start in Fall 2017.

Check out these recent publications and TEDx video by our very own Dr. Rohde highlighting our profession. Please share with any and all via your social networks, family, friends and colleagues. Updates here > 1  2  3  4  5

CONGRATULATIONS to #TxStCLS Cohort 2016 for a 100% success rate on the ASCP (MLS) exam! See story here!

Texas State CLS Chair & Professor is named Cardinal Health's #urEssential 2015 winner. Cardinal Health will award $20K to TX State for scholarships of future CLS majors with the Rodney E. Rohde CLS Scholarship. Watch the ceremony here highlighting our program!

Please contribute to our CLS Scholarships or Program, scroll to bottom of this page! #WeSaveLivesEveryday  #Lab4Life


What does an MLS DO?

Check out the video below to see!

CLS Honors Vets

The Clinical Laboratory Science Faculty and Students Honor These Veterans and Thank Them for Their Service to our Country
Jennifer M. Pemp – Air Force – Student
Thomas Patterson – Air Force – Faculty
Gerald D. Redwine, Ph.D. – Air Force – Faculty
Louis B. Caruana, Ph.D. - Airforce - Distinguished Professor of CLS Emeritus


 Texas State T-Shirts for Sale

The Texas State CLS Student Society has a variety of shirts (and past CLS society shirts) available for sale as a fundraiser.  To order a shirt, please call our CLS Program office at 512-245-3500 or email us. We are investigating an online payment process so keep checking back with us at our website! Thanks for supporting our students.




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