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Scholar Spotlight

Dr. Lawrence V. Fulton

Dr. Lawrence Fulton
  1. What is your role at CHP and how long have you worked here?
    I am a Professor in Health Administration and a Translational Health Research Center Fellow with a background in data science. I have worked in CHP for 5.5 years.

  2. Could you tell us about you research interests and why you are passionate about them?
    I seek to improve the human condition through data science: translational health research.

  3. What are some potential applications of your research, and what hold promise for patients?
    My team has proposed a grant for the development of software that provides secondary classification of human-interpreted imagery by machine learning (ML) algorithms, algorithms which identify anomalous imagery and then autonomously identify the regions of interest associated with that classification. Mismatches between human and ML algorithms can then be compared, and the annotated imagery provided by the ML will highlight potentially missed areas of concern.

  4. Could you tell us about your recent grant applications and how they will advance your area of research?
    Thirty of my colleagues and I were fortunate enough to be awarded a $1.445M grant from the THECB to set up data science certification across Texas, particularly targeted at underserved communities. The grant funds will provide a pathway to college, certification, and careers. This program seeks to improve the lives of those participating while simultaneously developing the workforce. Another colleague from Criminal Justice and I received a small gift (~$37K) from NEC of America. the research identified advertisements associated with sexual trafficking using multi-input machine learning models that included natural language processing. Continued work will help law enforcement target illicit human trafficking. Another multidisciplinary Team and I were fortunate enough to receive a $440K in-kind grant from AMD for high performance computing. A collaborative, multidisciplinary Team (Nutrition, Computer Science, not-for-profit, etc.) proposed a 5-year, $3M grant to evaluate and sustain a scalable, non-traditional, multi-platform, food delivery application (Nutrition for Underserved Elderly Via Application-NUEVA) that improves food & nutrition security, loneliness & socialization, and health & mental health status of elderly underserved (i.e., Hispanic, Black, and low socioeconomic status) and reduces food loss and waste (FLW) in central Texas. Again, this grant seeks to improve the human condition.

  5. Could you describe your vision for the research work you are leading at CHP?
    I am a facilitator and seek to facilitate talented Teams working towards a vision in any capacity required (e.g., consultant).

  6. What is the best part about being a scholar at the College of Health Professions at Texas State University?
    People. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with individuals from every college at Texas State.

  7. Do you have any advice for faculty considering research and grantsmanship at CHP?
    Find a Team. Learn from and within that Team. Build a Team. Pass it forward.

  8. What is one thing not on your CV that you would like us to know?
    The secret behind my success is family.

  9. What are your hobbies and interests (other than making CHP great)?
    Racquetball may be the only thing that I am great at doing.

    (The selection criteria for Scholar Spotlight are based on external grant submissions, funded grants, and research collaboration outside the College of Health Professions).